Luxury Bamboo Bath Towels by Kinza Review and What They Have to Offer

Luxury Bamboo Bath Towels by Kinza

If you want to feel the softest towels ever that also have a lot more to offer than ones of plain cotton, then Kinza is a name that you should remember. Once the company reached out in regard to trying their luxury bamboo bath towels, I was only more than happy to work with them on this review. After experiencing the quality of what Kinza sent, I needed to pass on why I think their bamboo bath towels have a lot to offer.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

From the moment that you open the outer box, these towels arrive like a gift. They come in two colors of snow (white) such as what I selected or the onyx (black). They come in an inner black and gold trimmed box, beautifully secured inside with ribbon and instructions on care. You immediately feel that special attention that shouts luxury just from presentation, more so after handling them.

Though a fancy box is one thing, the company uses 100% Moso Bamboo from Japan. Besides that incredible degree of body pampering softness, these bamboo bath towels have so many advantages over cotton for a variety of reasons. Anyone with sensitive skin would appreciate that gentle plush feel over a slightly scratchier texture of cotton towels, especially after laundering them over time.

Kinza Bamboo Bath Towels

In addition, bamboo is an eco-friendly material that also is a lot more absorbent. They also are a healthier choice, especially if you have allergies due to their antimicrobial fibers. Equally important, this material is stronger and can last much longer to their credit than the average cotton towel.

Something else that I love about these pampering bath towels is that they are OEK-TEX certified, which means they are free of chemicals. I don’t know about you, but the fewer chemicals to breathe in and come in contact with, then the happier that I am.

Kinza Towels Holding on My Arms

To care for these bamboo bath towels are a little different from how you normally begin laundering your towels. For the first few times, the company recommends using either vinegar or baking soda alone without detergent for washing them to keep them in their best condition. In addition, you never want to add any fabric softener even when you later replace the vinegar or baking soda for detergent that can coat the fibers.

The prices start at $85 for a single bundle set with a bath, face and hand towel to $280 for a four-towel bundle set.

Bamboo Towels Displayed

Those hoping to refresh their towel supply or find a wonderful gift, the Kinza luxury bamboo bath towels are perfect ideas for anyone you need to buy for. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, I suggest visiting the company’s website and check their spa quality towels out.


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