Walnuts With Recipes and New Ways to Benefit Health

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – LubosHouska

Walnuts are delicious, nutritious and packed with flavor for cooking while contributing health benefits. They are the superior source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), outranking all other tree nuts with 2.5 grams, especially compared to similar pecans with 0.5. Furthermore, they have four grams of protein, two grams of fiber, a great source of magnesium, and is less fattening than once believed according to new studies. Given all this, here are some new creative ways to introduce walnuts into recipes.

Try grinding them into your food processor to add to breading for fish, chicken or pork chops. They mix well with your ground bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and your favorite herbs for coating. Vary the flavor by toasting them first makes a tasty change.

Grinding them for fresh pesto or other pasta sauces with legumes such as navy beans with Parmesan cheese, browned garlic in a cream sauce is divine for an Alfredo sauce.

Another idea after grinding walnuts is to boost protein content in vegetarian burgers or meatballs to stretching ground beef or turkey in your normal recipes.

Something else that you should try is including them with grains such as chopped with rice for a wonderful rice pilaf with an extra chew. In fact, roasting them first before using imparts a different flavor.

Children often don’t care to eat their vegetables. However, a trick that I found helpful is utilizing the power of spices. Pair chopped ones with spices such as coriander, cayenne, curry powder, salt, and Parmesan cheese before lightly sprinkling some olive oil over them is something to experience. Afterwards, I roast them for about five minutes in the oven to serve over fresh vegetables.

How can I forget the fantastic herb butter after roasting them ground with garlic, olive oil, thyme leaves, rosemary, and salt to taste? One taste on homemade bread and you’ll keep baking because it is impossible to resist.


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