Okaysou Apollo 718 Air Purifier and Why You Want It

Okaysou Apollo 718 Air Purifier Out of Box

The indoor air that we breathe is something not to take lightly in how it affects our health. After all, there are countless pollutants from dust, mold, the dander from pets, smoke, bacteria, viruses, etc. that we subject our poor lungs to. To make it even more problematic, many homes are very insulated or constructed to be more energy-efficient, which locks in those contaminants and their various chemicals. For this reason, the most logical thing to do is improve our air quality is with an air purifier such as the Okaysou Apollo 718 sent for this review.

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The Okaysou Apollo 718 Air Purifier is a sizeable unit that can clean up large rooms, measuring up to 800 square feet in one hour with the capacity to purge out 99.9% of airborne pollutants with an innovative three-stage filtering system. With a white tower like design, it measures 17.32 inches in height and 13.78 inches in width and weighs about 9.68 pounds with a top control panel with five soft touch buttons for the timer, a filter reset, on/off, a display, and choice of fan speed.

The top of the unit has horizontal slots for air flow. Due to the upright design and the placement of those slots, the cleaner air circulates more evenly.

Okaysou Apollo 718 Top

Why this budget air purifier has more to offer is because its design. The filter doesn’t need replaced as often since it is washable in the first stage with a pre-filter. This catches larger contaminants such as dust, pet hairs and lint before reaching the second true HEPA filter that refines the smallest 0.1 microns before hitting the high-efficiency activated carbon filter for absorbing unwanted odors and fumes. This technology helps prolong its filter life.

The Apollo 718 is easy to operate once pressing the on button. Since most of us don’t keep it on all day but when spending time in the room or if you’re putting this air purifier in the bedroom, then setting the timer is a good idea. It works on a two-hour cycle before it turns off, but you have the option of pressing and add more hours. You can also just select the sleep mode at night if planning to run this unit in your bedroom.

Some air purifiers can be noisy, but this budget air purifier with a washable filter is fairly quiet. You can read, watch television, work or do whatever you normally do without the loud sound of a motor disturbing you.

My advice is if you’re looking for an affordable low maintenance air purifier, then the Apollo 718 is one to consider. It sells for $129.99.


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