Pre Workout Snacks That Can Help Motivate and Better Fuel Your Body

Pre Workout Snacks
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Let’s be honest working out on a regular schedule can take effort and commitment whether to improve your figure or overall health for a lot of us. Therefore, it helps to get started by having pre workout snacks that also serve to motivate you as well as prepare your body for physical activity.

You want to avoid any pre workout snacks that can weigh you down with lots of protein and fat or after a full meal. The reason is being those nutrients are harder for your system to digest. In fact, you’ll just end up feeling sluggish, bloated or cramping as you go through those motions if you rush into physical activity after eating them. Something that you may also not be aware of is that overdoing the fatty foods before running or another strenuous form of exercise can cause insulin resistance and temporarily slow down how you think. To really be on top of your game, the body needs about an hour or up to three hours to digest nutrients unless you have a lighter type of snack that can energize in about thirty minutes.

Given this, then you may be asking yourself what pre workout snacks are the best? The answer is turning to carbohydrates with how they fire up the muscles. Though you get an instant energy surge that gets your body off to a good start, you also get tired more easily.

What can serve you better is if you plan a few hours ahead with a combination of carbohydrate and low fat and hopefully try to stay within 300 calories or lower. Something like some Greek yogurt with blueberries, raspberries or strawberries or a hard-boiled egg, a glass of nonfat milk and banana, a whole grain bagel or slice of whole grain toast spread lightly with almond butter are other possible suggestions.

Pre workout snacks that you can grab about a half hour before workouts are fruits, which are complex carbohydrates instead of the simple carbohydrates from sugar, honey, etc. Fresh fruit such as an apple, orange, banana and watermelon a great source of quick energy and additional water and fiber.

The average person should stick within three grams of carbs for every kilogram of body weight unless you are in better shape. If so, then you can go up to five carbs for every kilogram of body weight.

Yet, there is a school of thought at how treating yourself to more carbs such as a cupcake, piece of pie or candy bar can be powerful enough to be the driving force to actually cause you to workout. Naturally, something to look forward like a delectable cupcake with fluffy frosting can motivate, but you also need to think how long you would to keep up that workout to burn those calories off when you are debating your snack choices.

One last point that I want to make is the importance of remembering to drink enough water before, during and after workouts. Supplying your body a few hours before you begin your routine with two or three cups of water and then replace that with about one-half cup or so about every twenty minutes into your routine as well as afterwards to complete your eight glasses.


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