Ayurevdic Beauty and Why It May Offer More

Ayurvedic Beauty Woman
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Many of us almost expect instant results after buying the latest innovative skin or hair care to makeup products. Despite how expensive the beauty product or rare the ingredients, the degree of that transformation hoped for may still disappoint. However, western cultures may have missed the value of taking the ancient Indian ayurvedic approach to beauty by looking at the whole body as one instead of just focusing on the outer package of the person in order to gain the most for beauty.

In other words, it is a holistic treatment in a combined effort for keeping the body and mind in a healthy balanced state for ultimate beauty. The belief is since the mind and body are integrally linked, the mind is capable to use its energy to heal and influence the body. It is when an imbalance occurs that disease and the consequences of that disharmony from within emerge to affect the body, including the skin, hair, nails, and figure.

This centuries old Hindu practice also involves addressing the person’s unique body type or dosha and working further from there. There are three primary doschas or life forces within the body called vata, pitta and kapha.

Vata centers around dry skin with finer pores that tends to wrinkle earlier.

Pitta is usually those with sensitive skins that react easily and often develops rashes or redness such as rosacea.

Kapha is usually found on those with oily skin and large pores that can be prone to acne.

To appreciate its value for maximizing beauty, it also means adopting the ayruvedic lifestyle to benefit the entire body and treat it appropriately when disruptions of the doschas occur. This could mean changing diet, using herbal remedies, massage, meditation to learning yoga to tune the body to play beautifully like a fine instrument.

Fundamentals of the Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Beauty

Diet of nutritious foods over empty calories is extremely important for gut health in how we look and feel. When our digestive track is running properly, the nutrients are able to deliver their healing benefits instead of doing nothing for us.

Speaking of diet, the best time to eat your heaviest meal is lunch. This choice makes a lot of sense because the food is easier to digest since we don’t metabolize food well late in the day. This can save trouble from experiencing acid reflux and sleep problems to storing fat for weight gain. It also enables the body to regulate blood glucose levels more evenly instead of causing blood sugar spikes.

Getting enough sleep is another fundamental that can promote beauty and overall health. After all, the body needs its set hours of sleep for healing and cell renewal. Without enough, the face appears drained and the eyes have dark circles while the body lacks energy and the mind is sluggish as well.

A daily massage that you give yourself is something else to think about adopting. The reason it helps is because it keeps the doschas in balance while stimulating the immune system to boost health, reducing stress and helping revitalize tiredness.

Meditation and yoga go hand in hand, but you can do one without the other. Both techniques are useful for dealing with stress so the mind and emotions can cope and function optimally. The body needs to relax, but the mind needs the same amount of tender loving care.

Herbal remedies with diy recipes using natural ingredients for beauty often can surprise you when nourishing the skin with the ingredients it hungers for once you understand what your doscha (skin type) is and work with it.

To sum it up, Ayurvedic beauty is a certain lifestyle based on ancient Indian wisdom that does have a lot of merit to it to enhance beauty and health for the ultimate glow.


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