DIY Face Mist for Glowing Skin That Soothes Irritation

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My complexion has a tendency to become sensitive at times. However, I am fortunate that experiencing irritation and redness is only occasional compared to my mother’s problem with rosacea. Being the case, I like to create new diy recipes to see the effectiveness of the best for soothing irritation and calming the skin when it acts up. My latest attempt was this diy face mist for glowing skin that complimented my recipe for diy face toner for sensitive skin for intensifying our comfort levels.

This recipe is so simple without a lot of ingredients or expense at that. At the same time, this facial mist is perfect after toning to further lubricate while also quieting that red soreness.

I found that the best ingredients for this mist start with aloe vera juice that is anti-inflammatory and capable of healing and moisturizing with its unique hormones, auxins, gibberellins, and natural sugars. Though it is not as potent as the aloe vera gel that I use in my toner recipe for sensitive skin, it disperses through the mister without clogging.

I also used two different varieties of tea that contributes benefits to rescue hurting skin. The first I went with was chamomile for how well it settles upset skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants for antiaging help and its photochemicals for protecting skin from sun damage and the environmental stresses. I also substituted rooibos tea for this diy face mist, which works just as nicely for controlling inflammation, keeping skin youthful and safeguarding the health of skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s ray due to its zinc.

My DIY Face Mist for Glowing Skin That Soothes

½ cups of strongly brewed rosehip tea
½ cups of strongly brewed chamomile tea or rooibos tea
1/3 cup of aloe vera juice

Brew the teas first and allow to cool before attempting to mix with the aloe vera juice.

After the three ingredients are incorporated, pore the mixture in a clean spray bottle with a cap.

I like to store my face mist in the refrigerator to preserve it a bit longer. Besides, as the weather warms up, it is refreshing spraying the face with before applying moisturizer or night cream or serums.

I use this in the morning, evenings and when I just want to freshen up my face.

Try it because I know that you will love the relief this face mist brings.


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  1. antoinettem2
    October 25, 2022 / 5:04 pm

    Thanks for the recipe. This sounds like a wonderful face mist.

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