6 Healthy Sleep Habits You Need in Your Life

Healthy Sleep Habits Woman Sleeping
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Everyone has nights where they just can’t fall asleep. Instead, they can find themselves staring up at the ceiling for hours or tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, only without any luck. If so, let me share some healthy sleep habits with these six steps that can work wonders to help you get more shut-eye.

The first one to sleep better is not to drink as much liquid at night, especially ones with caffeine. Remember, what goes in does come out. The best rule is no beverages an hour before bedtime.

But if you do want to drink, then swap out that glass of hot milk for some tart cherry juice. Half a cup has just what you need in the amount of its melatonin and tryptophan to activate the brain to release more sleep hormones.

A glass of wine or a cocktail before bed may help, but not for the state of sleep it induces. Forget alcohol late at night such as three hours before turning in because if you don’t then you feel to benefit from deep sleep, which the body needs to repair itself.

Though working out or finishing chores around the house may alleviate stress and tire you out, it also can backfire by increasing the body’s core temperature, making it harder to sleep. These types of physical activity are better to do earlier in the day. If your schedule doesn’t permit it, then a warm shower or bath followed by that brief time that it takes drying off in the air can serve to rapidly cool the body in preparation for bedtime.

Inhaling scents from oils used in aromatherapy can provide respiratory disinfection, decongestant, and psychological benefits with how they stimulate the olfactory system of the brain. Interestingly enough, lavender oil inhaled before bed was studied for its help in promoting sleep.

Last of these healthy sleep habits is the value of keeping to the same schedule for the normal time that you usually wake up instead of sleeping later on weekends. The reason this is a bad idea for a sleep plan is because you disrupt your body clock and confuse your sleep-wake cycle.

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