Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches That Can Spell Relief

Woman Suffering Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches
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If you ever suffered from headaches more than occasionally, then you know how debilitating these can be. In fact, you can go from doctor to doctor such as to a dentist, allergist, ear nose and throat specialist to a neurologist before you might be able to pinpoint the cause of that pain. When searching for relief without resorting to drugs, you may want to try these seven home remedies for migraine headaches to help get through those uncertain times.

For starters, try closing your drapes or blinds to block out bright light. The reason something as simple as that can help is because of photophobia. This happens because the receptors in the eyes and the nerve that runs to the brain fail to function properly. Avoid the urge to wear dark sunglasses routinely inside because the eyes can become overly sensitive to light. This can make the problem worse.

You also may want to get a cup of coffee. Caffeine is a good bet to try because it has vasoconstrictive properties to narrow swollen blood vessels and limit blood flow to decrease headache pain. Just keep in mind, overdoing caffeine can backfire and cause additional pain from withdrawal unless getting more of it.

Skipping meals only can make migraines worse. The basis for this is because when you lack food that you regularly would be eating for meals, the blood sugar dips and affects the brain and surrounding nerves.

Something else that is beneficial to alleviate migraine pain is trying to eat more magnesium rich foods. Excellent sources are dark green vegetables, nuts, tuna, salmon, and whole grains. Why this mineral is so important is because of how it stops certain chemicals that cause that pain in the brain. According to the National Library of Medicine based on their collected research, you may want to add a 400mg of chelated magnesium, magnesium oxide or slow-release magnesium daily.

The next time migraines hit, you also should try ice or a cold wash cloth over your head or neck. The same logic applies that the cold helps narrow blood vessels to restrict the amount of blood flow to those areas.

Headaches also can come as a result of dehydration. Maybe you think that you drink enough water, but are you really? After all, every can of soda, coffee, tea or juice does not count for the body’s hydration needs in the same way as water. Some may disagree, but this is what my doctor told me. Drink at least seven glasses is a helpful habit for your natural headache relief.

Being miserable when trying to sleep is not easy when your head hurts. However, try sticking to a regular bedtime even on the weekends. You want to keep your sleep cycle on track. Though you may just lay there, a dark sleep mask can be worth experimenting with to provide gentle pressure along the nerve route to the brain and blocking light that can make a big difference.

What I’m sharing is not meant to diagnose or replace your doctor, but only as a source of useful information with these home remedies for migraine headaches that could improve how you feel.


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