Hot Sauce Monthly Subscription Review: Fuego Box April 2022

Hot Sauce Monthly Subscription Fuego Box April 2022

A hot sauce monthly subscription like Fuego Box is the perfect way to get more enjoyment from your food or recipes. By doing so, speeding up the metabolism to help with weight loss, pain relief to help fight off infections and viruses due to its capsaicin is possible. This is why I never get tired of savoring all the delicious benefits from what a hot sauce box can offer.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Unlike what you may expect, Fuego Box sends out artisan hot sauce with three different ones in each box for $29.95 with free USA shipping. These sauces can range from spicy hot sauce bordering on mild or medium to tongue scorching hot. Also, in each monthly assortment is a card with ideas on best picks to compliment each.

If you’re like me and appreciate heat with sizzling flavor, then let me fill you in on Fuego Box April 2022 and what to expect.

This month started out with Scotch Bonnet “Hot” from Alchemy Peppers. This hot pepper sauce has berry, citrus and piney notes that counterbalance that intense flaming heat nicely. Though I won’t kid, keep a glass of milk nearby if you want to still have feeling in your tongue. I tried it for the first time on scrambled eggs, but next time I will be adding this fiery one to my vegetarian chili.

Next, there was a bottle of Pisqueya Smoky Hot Sauce. This one has a freshness with just enough heat from Scotch bonnet and jalapeno peppers along with savory sweetness that is so enjoyable without overpowering the mouth. I loved this one on a rice dish that I made and poured some in my homemade soup. This is excellent on a variety of dishes, but also to cook with to enhance flavor.

Sea Smoke Habanero is delicious medium heat with a bit of sweetness to its sassy spices and roasted garlic, carrots, and tomatoes among its tasty ingredients to maximize flavor. This was good on chicken, but really can be used on many different foods to coax more flavor out.

You don’t know how delicious it is until you give this hot sauce monthly subscription a try. Check the company’s website out. Thank me, later!


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