Is Oiling Hair Daily Worth the Beauty Benefits?

Woman Oiling Hair
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Yaroslav Shuraev

Oiling hair daily using Abhyanga massage with warm oil to prepare the scalp and hair has been used in India for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. There are several good reasons that this ancient tradition for beauty has persevered for so long for its contribution for healthy, younger appearing hair.

How Oiling Hair Daily Can Help

Anyone with dry or damaged hair would welcome extra moisture, softer texture, smoothness, and a return of the shine from all the fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that a nutrient rich oil can provide.

The most beneficial ones for this purpose are coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil or castor oil with its ricinoleic acid that can penetrate the hair shaft and bind to hair proteins through massaging it into the scalp. This alone can contribute to strengthening the hair to prevent hair loss since working the oil in exfoliates dead cells to promote scalp health, especially if you add some castor oil to the most popular choice of coconut oil, a great multitasker. As a result, more hair is likely to remain instead of fall out.

If your hair is slow growing, then you also may notice faster hair growth. By massaging those targeted nutrients into the scalp, you also are bringing more blood to the area. This stimulation allows fresh cells a chance to thrive once cleaning up the surface of those old cells.

Supplying this method of lubrication delivery can also better protect the hair from sun damage and pollutants in the environment. Even once you shampoo the oil out, there still will be lingering amounts of it to shield the hair from those damaging elements.

Pitfalls That You Also May Expect

As exciting as what I already told you about the benefits of this daily practice, there are also disadvantages that you need to weigh in as well. Despite laying down a towel on your pillow, you will have more laundry to do later with a week’s worth of greasy towels.

Another pitfall you should think about is how much time do you have in the morning to devote to shampooing and styling your hair before leaving for work? Some people have less maintenance with their hairstyles while others may need to get up a lot earlier in order to shampoo, dry and restyle the hair again before getting dressed.

You also need to remember oil is not the easiest thing to wash out of your hair. If you have oily hair, this may pose a problem for the look of hair by making it appear limper from the remaining oil still clinging to the strands.

Oiling hair daily does have promising benefits, but it also has a few disadvantages at the same time. This is not saying this practice is bad, but only how frequently it should be done is a personal preference.


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