Micellar Water vs Toner: How They Differ for Results

Woman Applying Micellar Water vs Toner
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Ron Lach

Micellar water vs toner or cleanser is the big question some may have when buying makeup removal skin care. Does this mean it is better than the other two or just offers different advantages to satisfy even the most demanding skin types?

If you are searching for a gentler form of a cleanser, then you found a match with micellar water. The reason is because the formula is composed of tiny oil molecules floating in purified water designed to lure dirt and makeup to the skin’s surface to quickly cleanse without compromising your skin’s pH. All that is required are cotton balls since no rinsing is involved, which is convenient especially when traveling, at work to freshen up or after spending time in the gym.

As handy as that may sound, there is also something important to remember the product’s micelles don’t penetrate into the pores as deeply as an oil-based cleanser. Instead, micellar water basically dislodges and moves the grime around. Using it doesn’t strip the natural oils from the skin as cleanser or toner might, but can leave traces of makeup and dirt still imbedded.

Given this, it is better to use when you don’t have much makeup on, especially heavy full coverage formulations or waterproof mascara. Despite it taking off regular mascara, you still may want to use an oil-based eye makeup remover to remove what still may be lingering beneath the surface.

You also need to ask yourself what condition is your skin in. If you’re breaking out or have oily skin, then micellar water can make your issues worse. The micelles can leave an extra oily film over the face, block pores and trap the remaining traces of grime and makeup that could aggravate acne and increase oil production.

A safer alternative may be to stick with a traditional cleanser and toner. In fact, you may want to look for one that is formulated with oily skin in mind or with salicylic acid if plagued with acne.

Follow up skin care with toners after cleansing to remove last traces of makeup and grime that were missed. They can contain alcohol, which can be drying when used daily. Therefore, it helps to search for one without alcohol and formulated for your skin type and need.

Micellar water vs toner and cleanser have unique benefits to offer. For quick makeup removal, you can’t beat micellar water, but to really keep the skin healthy you should follow up with a cleanser and toner that can deeply clean out the pores.


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