Why Skincare Texture Should Matter More for the Best Results

Woman Applying Skincare for Noticing Skincare Texture

Beauty manufacturers keep developing new delivery systems in their skincare formulas to best deliver active ingredients and maximize absorbency. However, if you’re still debating what the difference in texture are could mean for the look of your skin, then let me explain.

Pressed serums are great options, especially if you travel and want multitasking skincare that offers hydration besides satisfying your antiaging needs. Once you press the container down, the serum comes out a thicker consistency being more of a solid balm until your fingers work it into your skin. Afterwards, this changes that texture into a thinner jelly sort of serum. These formulations are lighter so not weigh the pores with excess oils for any greasy feel. Being so, they make a wonderful choice for all skin types, particularly those with oily complexions.

Another excellent formula pick for traveling is a solid serum stick. What is so fascinating about this skincare texture innovation is how their formulas incorporate higher levels of active ingredients for more beauty benefits. These work without much or any water and possess fewer preservatives than most other forms and yet can still be consistent without the formula deteriorating. Those with dry or normal complexions would seriously love these.

Whipped formulas are so light with their dreamy consistency and ease into melting once on the skin. These formulas suit all complexions.

Mochi skincare that originated in Japanese beauty offers two textures before uniting into one. Their active ingredients start in powder and then blend with liquid to your preferred consistency. This type allows you to work with what your skin needs at the time to nourish it.

Besides gels, liquids, lotions, creams, slime from snail mucin, there are also encapsulated skincare. This formula is wonderful for keeping those active ingredients more potent than some other forms from exposure to air and light. In addition, this form also is more sanitary from each single use.

Skincare texture innovation and what’s ahead for the future of our complexions is promising to discover what new formulas will be like. Needless to say, finding the right formula texture depends on your own skin and how it responds.


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