10 Splurges to Avoid When Money Is Tight

10 Splurges to Avoid When Money Is Tight Family Walking Instead of Spending Enjoying Togetherness
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The current state of the economy has a lot of us rethinking how we spend our money due to rising costs of about everything. Though we all love to buy, here are 10 splurges to avoid right now when money is tight that can help you save more. Of course, if you’re one of the extremely wealthy, then you are fortunate and this article will only give you a chuckle. For the rest, what I am suggesting doesn’t mean to give up those things you desire, but only to put them off for a while.

Clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and accessories can take a big bite out of paychecks or be the reason contributing to growing amounts on credit card statements that you have a hard time paying. Clothes and shoes are necessities, but do you really need an authentic designer scarf or handbag to pull that outfit together right now? Instead, you may save more money and not cripple your financial future getting into more debt just by buying only what you need and without the proof of a name-dropping label.

Cosmetic procedures such as injections with fillers to cosmetic surgery may knock off years, but these procedures are not usually covered by medical insurance unless for a medical condition. Examples of what your insurance will cover are cosmetic surgery after a mastectomy to reconstruct the breast or removing breast implants to heavy aging eyelids that are hampering vision for an eye lift. If you’re having trouble breathing or sleeping from a deviated septum, the contour of the nose might also be reshaped and covered during this necessary procedure for help breathing so ask your doctor.

Laser eye surgery to replace the need for wearing glasses is another of these splurges that you can put of. This type of surgery is expensive, but also has risks to it such as floaters you may never be able to get rid of, dry eyes and a chance at blurriness, halos, double vision, poor night vision to glare that you never had before if the eyes move, which happens. I had laser surgery and have floaters and dry eyes that I never had before so think carefully.

Vacations to far or exotic new locales are wonderful escapes. Nonetheless, they are also something extra that you can take later when you are more confident of your financial well-being. You might find staying home has advantages for your wallet and saving money, but doing other things with the family together might be fun and bring everyone together.

When undergoing financial hardships, it is to your advantage to pay bills on time. Otherwise, you risk paying late fees, which add up.

Spending money is fun and easy to do. However, getting out of debt is another story so you may want to think about changing a few habits during this current economy. Hopefully, these tips with 10 splurges to avoid when money is tight will make a difference.


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