Unlock Your Best Shape: The Hidden Benefits of Stair Climbing

Exercise 10 Minutes a Day Stair Climbing
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We all know the value of moderate to vigorous exercise to improve overall health, fitness and what it can do for the brain for elevating mood and concentration. The gold standard for reeking the benefits of moderate exercise was 30-minutes of physical activity that gets our heart rates up. However, there have been interesting studies done that now suggest that even 10 minutes a day of exercise like stair climbing may be just as effective for those benefits.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to go to the spa or the gym for this exercise. Simple tasks such as climbing stairs do count if you speed up your step and do it several times or more a day. I can personally vouch for stair climbing because it helped me shape up bulging hips and slimmed my thighs more than forcing myself to exercise because I had to.

Though I don’t live in a two-story home, I have a ranch house with stairs leading to my game room and laundry room. My secret to put more stair climbing in was to make a lot of extra trips up and down my stairs instead of combining what I needed from downstairs to carry up such as a can of vegetables, beans, a new box of tissues to laundry baskets with fresh clothes, etc. You might shock yourself how many steps you can do in a day that can better shape those figure problem areas without noticing you’re putting your body through an intense mini workout.

Another sneaky thing was how I did laundry. I found it was better to wash more loads once a week than throwing one load in at a time for body shaping in this small amount of time. I would run down to throw the load in, run up, then run down to transfer a load to the dryer, put in a second load, repeat the process of running and down, which really has transformed my leg and hip area more than I have ever had luck with before with routine leg exercises.

Hoping to beat the repeating ringing that my dryer had finished going through the wrinkle cycle, I increased my speed to avoid it sounding again until I silenced it by opening the dryer door. A funny thing was drying using the minutes side never constantly rang periodically until it forced me downstairs like the wrinkle cycle. As you can guess, I usually kept drying my clothes on the wrinkle cycle just to keep running to beat it.

Doing routine chores around the house doesn’t sound as beneficial of moderate physical activity like normal workouts, running, jogging, power walking, sports, etc. Nonetheless, exercise 10 minutes a day even with a simple activity such as stair climbing does come with health and figure benefits, if done enough times and at a vigorous pace over slowly walking up and down the stairs. Try it and keep checking your full-length mirror, especially when naked to appreciate its effects.


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