How Self Compassion Can Make You a Happier Person

Woman Thinking Using Self-Compassion
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Ekaterina Bolovtsova

Sometimes, we expect too much from ourselves through rough times instead of granting ourselves self-compassion. In doing so, we often can judge ourselves harshly when our goals are not met or we just say the wrong things that accidentally may have spilled out of our mouths. If you can relate, then you are not alone because this is just how a lot of us react. As a result, we are only unnecessarily hurting ourselves when there is a more effective way through self-kindness to live a happier life.

To get over this hurdle, it is important to remember that each of us makes mistakes, only to have regrets later. It comes with the territory of being human. Rather than continuing to live with that inner pain, there is a better approach to resolve this destructive behavior. Forgiving yourself and accepting that you are not perfect is the first step in exercising self compassion.

A definition of self compassion is showing you some unconditional love through tough times with the same kindness that you would extend to someone else if that person was going through the same thing. The idea is accepting those shortcomings with tender understanding through difficult times rather than blame yourself and realize that you are a work in progress.

For example, you are trying to master baking cakes. However, for some reason your cakes fall in the middle once you remove them from the oven every time you bake. This lack of success with your cakes may cause you to consider yourself a horrible cake baker. In place of feeling like a baking failure, accept your cake didn’t work out this time. There may have been a problem with your technique, the oven, humidity in the air to the recipe that could have contributed, but you will try another and learn through your mistakes until you get it right is being compassionate toward yourself.

To practice self empathy involves altering your negative state of mind and acknowledging what happened and the hurt that it is causing you. Otherwise, you risk further suffering when you could be moving forward shows mastering inner compassion.

What I am sharing may take some time to develop compassion for yourself and work it into your daily life and adjust old habits, but it can help for how to handle tough situations. You just need to show yourself more kindness and watch all the good that will happen.


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