How to Become a Morning Person in a Few Steps

How to Become a Morning Person Woman stretching in Bed
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Some people are natural early risers while others find it more difficult to crawl out of bed. Although genetics plays a part in how we sleep, there are also ways that you can reset your body clock for how to become a morning person and reek the advantages of what a new wake up time could offer health, happiness, concentration to your weight.

The first thing that you want to think about is how you wake up every morning. Do you do everything in your power to stay in bed when the morning alarm rings as you reach to turn off its aggravating sound? If so, you may typically reset the clock to give yourself about ten or fifteen minutes more thinking that it is no big deal.

Unfortunately, you are making the situation worse because those few extra minutes to your original wake up time aren’t long enough of a period to reek the benefits of real sleep. In fact, you’re only pressuring yourself to get up and setting the stage for a horrible start to your day. Instead, keeping to a wake up schedule gives you more control in your daily regular routine to better your disposition and thought processes.

Have you also noticed it is easier to climb out of bed during summer when it is bright and sunny over winter mornings with it is darker and overcast? The reason is that the amount of light pouring in also influences how the brain reacts once the eyes open to relay the quantity of light to block melatonin that induces sleep or lack of it that contributes to sleepiness.

Another trick to become an early bird is stretching before getting of bed. Those few minutes of movement serve to boost circulation, help stiff joints for more flexibility and also signals the body’s parasympathetic nervous system for a calmer way to begin your day. Try hugging your knees to your chest while still on your back several times while inhaling before returning your knees in their former straight position and exhaling. Also, stretch your arms wide and practice breathing as well as bending and stretching your legs in the same way a couple of times.

Technology is great, but the need to constantly check your email first thing in the mornings is a bad habit. Focusing all your attention on the needs of job demands to friends puts unneeded stress on you before you begin that new day. If you want to become a happier person, you need to concentrate on taking care of yourself first before reaching for your computer or smart phone because nothing is more important than your health and well-being.

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