How to Lose a Pound a Week Without Much Effort

How to Lose a Pound a Week Healthy Meal
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Some people go to extremes trying to lose weight. They can turn to crash diets or overly monitoring calories, only to backfire and cause failure. Instead of constantly starting and stopping diets, here is an easier way for how to lose a pound a week without much effort.

One of the best pieces of advice in order to lose a pound a week is make breakfast or brunch if you can’t abide eating that early as your heaviest meal. Then lighten up the calories for lunch with less at dinner. This way the body has more chance to burn those calories before they end up in weight.

What I found is helpful is avoiding too many carbohydrates and replace them with protein, especially at lunch. Instead of a sandwich, I usually made a homemade bean and vegetable soup, cottage cheese and fruit or a variety of different smoothies I created and fortified with a scoop of protein powder. These choices were filling enough to keep me satisfied until dinner. I love my homemade bread, but just giving it up at lunchtime made a big difference in watching those pounds drop off when stepping on my scale.

Many of us don’t give too much thought to portion sizes. However, a lot of us are in the habit of overloading our plates with too much food. In the process, we are consuming countless extra calories before our bodies can even have a chance to know we’ve eaten enough. The sad part is more weight gain and waste of expensive food that often ends up in the trash.

The stomach takes twenty minutes from the start of eating until finishing the meal to feel full or not. Therefore, by the time you finish sipping your coffee, tea, water, soda or whatever beverage, you just may feel you had enough of that meal by waiting.

Portion size is something that many don’t give much thought too. We just help ourselves or eat what is served on the plate. But this can cause us to eat more calories or just not enough if you don’t measure portion sizes.

Here’s an example, my grandmother used to live with us until she died. She had old age related diabetes that didn’t need medication but just by avoiding sweets and amounts of certain vegetables such as corn and peas and fruits like grapes. We filled her plate with what we thought were enough of the corn or peas only to find out once we starting measuring the portion size that we could have given her more without any issue. What I am saying is that you could maybe eat more and still lose weight.

For those occasional times that I would want a snack before dinner, I would eat a few almonds or a carrot, which would help solve the problem.

Something else I can’t stress enough is how brushing your teeth after dinner is for stopping that urge to snack later in the evening. Since I am lazy about flossing again and brushing, this was a trick that could help you as well.

What I am sharing with these personal tips on how to lose a pound a week is nothing more than using some common sense that makes the struggle of dieting that much easier instead of something doomed for failure. Try it and see for yourself the value of sticking to this healthier way of eating while dropping those unwanted pounds.

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  1. Russell J. Young
    June 18, 2022 / 1:08 pm

    remember all diets are not for everyone. Each of us is different.

  2. Anna Molina
    June 23, 2022 / 7:38 am

    Brushing and flossing doesn’t help me at all… :(

    • nuts4stuff
      June 23, 2022 / 8:28 am

      Hi Anna,

      All I can say is that I’m lazy and hate doing those tasks over.

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