SmoothieBox Review and Why You Need This Drink Subscription

SmoothieBox Pouches on Tray

Anyone hoping to improve their health knows the importance of diet and making the right choices of food and its preparation. SmoothieBox is a healthy drink subscription sent for this review that can help put your body on the right track by delivering monthly shipments of blender ready frozen smoothies to your home that are maximized for nutrition without all the work. If you have been thinking of an ideal way to do something good for yourself or family, then this smoothie subscription is what you need and I’m going to tell you why.

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The ingredients in each smoothie are organic and come from 100% real fruits, vegetables and sources of healthy fats from seeds without the stuff you don’t want such as added sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, soy or gluten. Not only were the combinations of each smoothie pack recipe carefully formulated, but the fruits and vegetables were also frozen at the right stage of harvesting to keep the most nutrients intact.

Besides all the health advantages from the added benefits of liquid nutrients that are easier for the body to process, I love the convenience this monthly subscription box provides. I just reach into my freezer, empty a bag for blending without needing to have to stock my refrigerator with too many fresh fruits and vegetables that end up spoiling. In my opinion based on this review, a SmoothieBox subscription can save a consumer money in the long run because you don’t waste food this way.

What I received was five smoothie packs of each delicious flavor plus a jar of vanilla whey protein and a packet of keto granola clusters from Purely Elizabeth. Let me tell you that their recipes for each bag were delicious marriages of fruits, vegetables and those nutritious seeds. All I had to do was add one cup of liquid, one scoop of the protein powder and whatever else I chose for my drink, which I will be sharing my recipes with you later in future posts.

SmoothieBox Whey Protein and Granola Clusters

Honestly, I enjoyed all the flavors. Each had something unique that I loved about the taste. In fact, they were also very filling as a meal just eating one serving out of that two serving packet. I had mine for lunches and was full until dinner.

Order for a one time fee or save the most money with a monthly subscription. You can also pause or schedule your deliveries every four to six weeks if you can’t go through your pouches that quickly. The cost of a monthly subscription is $129 for twenty smoothie pouches that you can pick out your choices of the five flavors or stick with the customized box.

If you don’t have time to spare in the mornings, trying to lose weight or just hoping to supplement your diet, you can’t beat the advantages of this subscription. I am not just saying this as a SmoothieBox affiliate, but as someone that really does believe in its value after this review. However, the only way that you will be convinced is simply trying this drink subscription box yourself because it is healthy, yummy and well worth it in my opinion.


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