Goat Milk Soap Benefits and Why It Has Such Value for Your Complexion

Goat Milk
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Jonathan Cooper

Goat milk has been around since ancient times for its valuable nutrition and later its skin care benefits. Since a lot of us have been paying more attention to what goes in and on our bodies by turning to natural and organic skin care products, here is why goat milk as an ingredient in soap can be a game changer for all the benefits it has for skin.

To illustrate, goat milk has a great deal of alpha-hydroxy acid in the form of lactic acid with a high content of vitamin A for anti-aging assistance. In fact, being a natural humectant this particular alpha-hydroxy acid is so helpful because it is one of the gentlest forms of those acids for exfoliating the skin with less irritation.

Using goat milk in the base of a natural skin care formula contributes a soothing quality with its vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and naturally occurring prebiotic oligosaccharides. In fact, those fourteen prebiotic oligosaccharides can better protect the epidermis from harmful bacteria while doing something else amazing. Since it also has five of those prebiotics that share similarities to human milk, it also can cause the skin to help stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. This is a good thing for all skin types, but especially for acne sufferers because it also causes our huge army of internal T cells to respond and trains them to further stand up against harmful organisms for keeping skin clear.

We also have to give goat milk credit for its pH, which closely resembles our own skin. Why should this matter? Well, it means it is so gentle than it is recommended even for the most sensitive skin like a baby’s that could work without compromising the skin’s microbiome.

Goat milk also has another advantage over sheep or cow’s milk for skin care. It has the most protein and cholesterol than those other varieties of milk for helping the skin’s elasticity, tightening, smoothing, and repairing. Though it also has admirable fatty acids for sealing in the skin’s moisture, sheep milk does slightly better in that area.

Goat milk soap making involves a different process from how typical soap is manufactured
called saponification. Unlike traditional soap, it replaces the water in the formula with the goat milk for increasing its moisturizing and overall benefits for the skin.

With all this that goat milk can do for beautifying the complexion, you just may want to give this soap a try.


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