Great Home Office Ideas for Decor and Productivity

Great Home Office Ideas Home Office
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Though some people may have or will be returning to the office, many others now have more of an option to continue working at home or will be in the future. After all, with all the hours that you will be spending in that space, it is important to make it cozy and yet practical. Therefore, you might be interested in a few great ideas for your home office that can help with productivity and decor.

The first idea to improve your workspace is getting a good chair that can support your body comfortably. I honestly feel that you can get more work done if your chair is aligned properly for your back or cushioned enough for the backside as you sit. You don’t want to spend prolonged time in a chair that causes your body pain because you’ll get less work done. In fact, I suggest an ergonomic office chair like mine that I reviewed earlier. Honestly, upgrading the quality of your chair is worth every penny for anyone that is constantly working at the computer besides being a stylish addition to your home office.

To change the look and welcoming aspect of the room, you may want to switch out an old desk and replace with a new desk that can add a focal point to design around the home office. Changing the color, materials from wood to metal and design can also give you more storage to avoid clutter from what you may currently own. You might even find standing desks beneficial for your office and circulation or a corner desk to gain more room.

If possible, arranging your desk and chair near a window can help increase brain performance. The reason is because sunlight that pours through stimulates serotonin levels in the brain that can put you in a better thinking mood. At the same time, it is a good idea to keep the window opened to allow some fresh air inside when the warm weather permits. That incoming air does assist digestion, blood pressure and your heart rate. Though it does also bring in pollen and other irritants, you may want to get an air purifier that can clean and best filter out what you breathe in.

The lighting you work by is just as critical. Being the case, another of these great ideas for your home office is to situate your desk near a window. The type of desk lamp or overhead lighting can beautify your home office from serving also as a gorgeous accent piece as well as ones that allow you to change the brightness and tone.

What better way to add some lovely color and artistry to your home office than by introducing some plants to your workspace is another option. Not only can they help you bring nature indoors but also as another means to purify the indoor air.

Room sizes are out of our control, but if you have a small room for a home office then mirrors can enlarge the space. In fact, if you place a mirror near the window, it can reflect more light into the room.

You can do a lot if you have space for a bookcase in your home office to alter the design of the room. There are different heights and styles that can help separate the room to enlarge it. Furthermore, you don’t need to fill it completely with books but with a few choice decorative objects, plants or photos that can dress it up and make it more welcoming while keeping the room tidy.

Something else to consider is the value of color to your office. You don’t necessarily have to resort to drastic measures and paint, but can find something as simple as hanging a piece of artwork can contribute color and beauty from what might be a stark room, which can help improve your mental focus and creativity. A bright chair, file cabinet or waste basket that plays off the dominant color can bestow that dash of vibrant color.

These are just a few possibilities of great home office ideas that can provide more beauty, function and comfort for your workspace.


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