Hot Sauce Box Review: Fuego Box June 2022 and How to Add Zing to Your Day

Fuego Hot Sauce Box June 2022

A perfect way to fire up even more great taste to food is with a hot sauce box such as Fuego Box like my latest trio sent for this review. Even if you’re not a hot sauce afficionado like yours truly, there is a lot of health value from using it in home remedies, fighting inflammation to helping your body burn through calories a bit more that goes beyond merely good taste that make this subscription one to consider.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

If you agree with me that hot peppers are fantastic and are curious about the benefits of a hot sauce subscription, then here is how my favorite Fuego Box works. The price for a monthly box that contains three artisan hot sauces is $29.95 with free USA shipping. You also get a card with information on the assortment and ways to best enjoy.

As to what my new box brought, here is what I found for the Fuego Box June 2022 trio. The first hot sauce to fire up great taste was a mild heat sauce from Hot N Saucy with their Garlic N Peperoncini. The flavor in here rocks with fresh vegetables and zesty spices without a concentration of scalding heat. This was delicious on scrambled eggs, but also for dishes like chicken and adding to salads to kick flavor up a notch.

Next, the PuckerButt Pepper Company included a bottle of their Picnic Sauce. This was definitely one to fire up the taste buds using Scotch bonnet peppers. Fortunately, it also had fruit and vegetable notes along with tarragon, coriander and mustard that worked in a delightful way once I gained feeling back in my tongue.

The final contender from this month’s review of Fuego Box was from the Hot Heads Company with their Revolutionary hot sauce. I considered this very hot medium in its heat level, but it was quite good with roasted bell pepper mingling with scorpion peppers, onions, spices, and lime juice that was made for a lively sauce for flavor. This one I tried for the time on my fish, but plan to add it to my chili and bean burgers next.

To those still reluctant to appreciate hot sauce, I can understand your fear. However, you are also missing a lot of great tasting food while helping your body to stay healthy and fit a bit more at the same time. My advice is just give Fuego Box a try and see if your hatred just doesn’t turn to love. You just may surprise yourself so visit the company’s website is my advice!


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