Reasons Why You May Want to Try Fermented Skincare Now

Fermented Skincare Woman Applying Product
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Fermented skincare has been gaining more momentum from beauty brands. The reason incorporating these types of ingredients that went through a chemical process by adding bacteria, yeast or a microbe to alter them into a new ingredient from its former self and combining them with others in a formula is so exciting is because it has far more benefits for anti-aging, inflammation, skin sensitivity, and defending the skin. Think of all the beauty potential this variety of skincare has to offer all skin types.

As a result of the fermentation process, the ingredients such as red ginseng or mushrooms just to name a few also shrink considerably in their molecular size. This is great news because that exceptionally tiny size is better absorbed far deeper into the layers of the skin to utilize the full potential of what the formula can do for improving the complexion.

What this boils down to is a gentler formula that also has stronger antioxidant concentration due to the fermentation process. In addition, fermented skincare has a greater capability of spurring collagen and elastin production and to improve texture while safeguarding from free radical damage. Such a formula also is a great bet for those experiencing breakouts or acne since the fermentation process seems to activate antimicrobial peptides to help settle and disinfect as it works.

Besides all the additional ways fermented skincare can work harder, you also will be pleased to know that you don’t need to use as much as with similar products. The reason is because of how concentrated the formula during this process becomes.

Another wonderful quality of this type of skincare is that you have less of a chance of your skin reacting as you might with other products. This is possible because the fermentation process fortifies the skin barrier more because of the acidity like a protective shield.

The best way to benefit and speed up results is to also help your complexion internally. Read my earlier post on the best fermented foods for beauty that can help.


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