The Big Deal Behind Encapsulated Retinol That May Interest You

Encapsulated Retinol Application
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Ron Lach

Retinol is a proven commodity for what it can do for anti-aging efforts. It works to speed up cell turnover for skin renewal as it rids older cells lingering on the surface that can block those efforts whether you chose regular retinol (vitamin A alcohol) or retinol palmitate (vitamin A palmitate). However, retinol can also cause problems for some people with burning, itching, redness, and excess peeling if your skin happens to be on the sensitive side, especially the most effective choice of pure retinol. For this reason, some may have opted out of relying on those skin care benefits. Therefore, the beauty industry addressed the need to satisfy those buyers and developed a gentler form with encapsulated retinol.

How this new form of retinol differs is by trapping the retinol molecule through encapsulation in its own protective barrier. Regular retinol doesn’t have that advantage, which can cause those harsher skin reactions.

Encapsulated Retinol vs Retinol

Besides being less abusive on the skin to accomplish the same tasks, the encapsulation method stands a better chance to do more for beauty. This is because in this form it can penetrate far deeper within the layers of the skin while that coating around its molecule helps the retinol do a far better job in a slower time release instead of an overwhelming amount at once.

As impressive as all those extra benefits suggest due to this process, it also goes a step further. This special coating for wrapping around the retinol seems to keep the formula more stable compared to a shorter shelf life of regular pure retinol.

Despite all that encapsulated retinol vs retinol has, it still can cause some skin types to react, especially those that are prone to it or overuse it in a rush to improve wrinkles and the skin’s appearance.

Though it certainly gives a lot of hope for those that normally can’t tolerate pure retinol, this process can be the help that your complexion can finally receive for a younger appearance for all skin textures.


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