TheraBox Review: Self Care Subscription Box and Is It for You?

TheraBox May 2021 Nourish Box

Self care is something that all of us can benefit by. A convenient way to indulge our bodies and senses to some of that is through a self care subscription like TheraBox that was sent for this review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

What you can expect from this monthly subscription is between six and eight full sized organic and artisan made wellness products curated by a therapist for $34.99 plus $4.99 United States shipping. The company does ship internationally but the shipping is $14.99 to Canada to $25 to other countries.

Now that you have a better grasp of how TheraBox works, I will tell you what I received. I had assumed it would be a current month or the month that just passed to share with you, but apparently influencers are sent older boxes such as the Nourish May 2021 that you can also buy along with other past boxes on the company’s website, if you are so inclined.

TheraBox Products Out of the May 2021 Nourish Box

This Nourish May 2021 box contained a lovely roll on natural fragrance from Riddle Oil Company with their Poppy Oil ($50). It is a fresh citrus and floral scent that is bright and happy.

There was also a great smelling candle from the Willow Collective with their Self-Love Candle ($15). It is a 100% soy candle with apricot essential oil among its fragrant ingredients that is soothing to the senses.

Way of Will is a Strengthening Nail and Cuticle Serum ($24) that also was included. It has meadowfoam oil and vitamin E.

Another item was the Faceoff Cloth from Face Off ($14.99) that removes makeup with just water.

I also discovered a bottle of face serum from Earth Harbor Naturals with their Aurora Superfood Luminance Ampoule ($32). It has some great natural ingredients such as sea greens, cannabis sativa hemp oil, grapeseed oil, and neem seed oil. However, natural organic ingredients lose potency much sooner, which does concern me for how well this formula could hold up for benefits and safety after this long of a period.

From the Skin-Fulness Company, there was the I Am Enough Hydro-Cellulose Sheet Mask ($9) for hydration that also is biodegradable. Whether the ingredients are still active after more than a year is questionable.

Finally, there was a tube of Eye Am Beautiful Mascara from RealHer Company ($18). Unfortunately, I would be afraid to use a natural mascara that is already past a year old on my eyes. I don’t even trust regular mascara that is past its prime for safety sake.

If what you read here in my review sounds like the TheraBox Self Care Subscription Box is for you, then check out the company’s website.


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