Finding a Contractor is Surreal Like Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark . . . a Quest Full of Challenges!

find a contractor for cement work
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Rodolfo Quiros

Finding a contractor to redo my front walk recently has been ridiculous. I realize Covid-19 has caused a lot of hiring challenges, but I never expected what I ran into. I started with Angi that well-publicized site advertising on TV and on online. Naturally, I figured I would register and request bids and I would be contracted. Well days later no contacts!

I actually contacted Angi and was told they should contact me back quickly if the contractor was what is called “Angi Certified” and they were. I contacted about eight of them. And this is really frustrating. So I went to several home centers and got recommendations from their contractors’ desk.

Calling companies referred by the home centers provided contact numbers, but after quite a number of calls and emails to them I still got no responses. The one thing this says is that there is no shortage of work for these guys and I am sure when their work load dies down I will be getting calls from most of them in maybe four months maybe. At that point I will end up doing this myself.

If anyone tells me how terrible the economy is one more time, I will give them a good verbal beating. If the economy was so bad I would be getting calls at least!

I could understand if the job was really small they would be reluctant but I was looking to do the entire sidewalk. Of course, I could get away with replacing just one small section to get me by. With how things are going, my guy and I will most likely end up doing this project if I don’t hear from anyone. Earlier, we tackled digging a trench to lay down new drain pipes to collect rain water from out gutters.

Maybe this is what will have to all start handling this type of thing by doing this ourselves if we had hopes of finding a contractor ever since this pandemic. Until I can buy a robot to help me around the house that is, I guess that many of us will be out of luck attempting to hire one. And no warn me about the robots taking over. They would probably handle things better than humans anyway.


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