A Standing Desk That Boosts Productivity: Autonomous SmartDesk Connect Review

I recently had the opportunity to test out an electric standing desk with the Autonomous SmartDesk Connect for this review. Those in the market for a new computer desk that can help you remember not only when to get up instead of just sit all day, but also has a variety of features then you may want to check out in this desk.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

This electric standing desk is well built with a solid steel frame and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly raise and lower the height of this desk. By the way, you can lower the desk to 23.6″ and raise it too as high as 49.2″. However, if you have an android device such as what I have, then you may experience a problem.

The reason for this difficulty was due to the keypad that comes locked before you can raise and lower the desk. In order to unlock this customizable keypad, I needed to ship it back for the company to unlock it before finally being able to use it in that respect.

Other than that, the Autonomous SmartDesk Connect can handle 350 pounds and it does move up and down quietly. It also has anti collision sensors so you don’t bump into things, which is great when making these height adjustments to the desk. It also has its own app to fine-tune the controls, if it works with your device.

Autonomous SmartDesk Connect Me Typing and Front of Desk

I selected this 53 X 29″ desk in the classic black frame and black top. I wanted it to match my Autonomous ergonomic office chair with their ErgoChair Pro+, which I might add that I honestly love. It is so comfortable for anyone that spends as much time at their computer as I do during a typical day. It is a beautiful minimalist look to my home office, but the black top does attract marks from the fingers that gives it a spotty appearance that surprised me. Using my wooden computer desk, I never experienced this.

This electric standing desk does give you a lot of extra space to spread out and the built in ability that can help keep working at the computer healthier for anyone that sits too much. In addition, this desk also has a seven-year warranty, which is one of the longest out there. Besides that, it can really come in handy if you’re filming or photographing when you need more room.

Despite how advanced the Autonomous SmartDesk Connect is, you just need to be aware that if you only have an Android device it may or may not work to unlock the desk. Therefore, if the Android is your only device, then you may want to go with the SmartDesk Pro.

The Autonomous SmartDesk Connect described in this review retails for $699, but you can save 4% using my coupon code of 21MARY at checkout. This deal is good now until 12/31/2022 so keep that in mind.


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