ButcherBox Organic Chicken Breasts Free Deal for a Year

ButcherBox Organic Chicken Breasts
Photo Courtesy of ButcherBox

If you’re searching for quality organic chicken and healthier meats, then this is a great time to buy because ButcherBox has an awesome #ad deal for new subscribers that can guarantee two pounds of free range, organic chicken breasts in every order for a year.

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Even though I am a #ButcherBoxPartner, I can honestly tell you that serving my family their grass fed beef, organic chicken, pork that is raised crate free to wild caught seafood makes me feel better about what I am feeding them. Ever since I discovered and researched all the gross additives that commercial big farms add to their grains and proteins to feed those chickens such as heads, blood and intestines from slaughtered birds, shell and egg scraps, dead chicks, dried manure, bone and feathers, and fat from dead cattle, it turned my stomach. Equally disgusting was that these poor commercial chickens usually only have a life span of six weeks before being slaughtered according to an article in Eat This, Not That.

As revolting as those commercial additives are to chicken feed, they are also fed antibiotics and growth hormones to plump them up faster for market. When I want to eat chicken breasts or other meats, then I want to eat ones with confidence that are healthy specimens instead of animals feed manure, blood, or ones cannibalizing other chickens, etc. This is why I truly believe in the value of a ButcherBox subscription.

This company produces the high standard of grass fed beef, USDA certified organic chicken, pork raised crate free, etc. to give me peace of mind about the food safety. After all, our families deserve real nutrition, not what these big commercial meat farmers are trying to pass out to us as nutritious food in our grocery stores.

There are five different meat boxes to make a selection from with four curated box options. Another thing that you can do is choose the custom box to order the items you prefer. This choice for ButcherBox pricing typically has 9-14 lbs. for $169. You can also order a big box.

Something else that is wonderful is that you choose how often you want your deliveries from ButcherBox to be.

I don’t know how you really feel on the subject, but I prefer to eat what I know instead of risking all the disgusting additives commercial chickens, beef and pork are fed just to fatten them up sooner and larger for market and industry pockets. If your family loves their chicken, this is a wonderful time to buy and discover ButcherBox for first time buyers, but this free deal for organic chicken breasts will only last until September 25, 2022. I would very much appreciate if you do buy, please go through my link. Thank you and stay healthy!


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