The Value of a Socks Subscription From Spiffy Socks for Foot Health

Socks Subscription Spiffy Socks August 2022

Shopping for basics like socks is routine. The task of hunting for comfortable socks with the styles and patterns you like is time consuming and often can end with problems such as a bad fit or fabrics that won’t let your feet breathe. However, a socks subscription from Spiffy Socks has value for foot health with their cozy antibacterial bamboo socks that your feet will love to walk in while raising your foot fashion style with their unique socks.

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Before trying this socks subscription, I had never experienced antibacterial socks that were made from bamboo in the fabric. Once that I reviewed my first pairs of Spiffy Socks, I became hooked on how much better they were compared to other socks that I have been buying. The material of 75% bamboo to 25% microfiber did seem to keep my feet drier than cotton or cotton/polyester or other nylon blends, which really amazed me.

I don’t know about your feet, but those bands at the top around the calves can dig into legs after wearing them for a few hours. What I discovered was these bamboo socks had a wider band that made them more comfortable.

Another thing I must tell you is the quality of this bamboo material is soft and takes to washing very well.

Finally, it is fun at the uncommon styles and colorful designs that this socks subscription sends out to subscribers each month that get my feet noticed. For example, I found this adorable rosy peach pair for women with a radish design and gray-green band at the top. My guy found a pair of their whale watching socks that were navy and sea blue and white design color with a gray band.

If you are wondering what to do with all your old socks or ones causing extra foot pain from those too tight bands, read my earlier post on how to repurpose them.

With all sincerity, if you’re searching for quality socks that won’t cut into your calves like some others you may have used in the past or make your feet sweat as much, then this socks subscription is worth giving a try. You’ll also get a kick out of the colors and styles of their patterns that can definitely get conversations going.

The price is $11.95 a month with free USA shipping. You can order a subscription just for women (sizes 5-10) as well as one for men (sizes 6-12.5). You’ll automatically be renewed, but you can cancel at anytime. You can also reduce the cost with a longer commitment. Trust me, but you’ll really love the difference these socks make. Give them a try and please go through my link.


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