Why Antibacterial Spiffy Socks Can Keep Feet Drier

Antibacterial Spiffy Socks August 2022

Buying comfortable socks is not always easy. You may find ones that look great, but may not fit as comfortably as you had hoped. Just as important is the material, especially if your feet tend to sweat like mine. If so, let me tell you about a great find with what I discovered with antibacterial socks from Spiffy Socks that are made from bamboo.

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I had always thought socks are pretty much the same, but I couldn’t be more wrong. In the past, I had socks that were made from material such as cotton, nylon and polyester blends. Seriously, I never expected such a big difference for socks that bamboo makes with their antibacterial ability until trying Spiffy Socks. However, I couldn’t believe how much drier my feet became wearing them compared to other socks that I’ve tried.

Something else that really won me over was the fact that these socks had a wider band that wasn’t as constricting than what is still in my sock drawer. If your feet swell, then you know the importance of a looser band to minimize that problem.

Furthermore, I get such a charge out of the wild and eye-catching designs that these antibacterial socks come in when going through each new Spiffy Socks assortment. Those interested in a fun way to dress up their feet to get a conversation going definitely need this socks subscription.

Spiffy Socks sells both for women and men. The sizes for women come in one choice for fit sizes, 5-10, which were a bit larger than I wear. For men, the size is also geared for just one selection to fit sizes 6-12.5.

For July 2022, I received the cutest pair of gray socks with adorable panda bears in their Panda Wonderland design. My guy found a dark green with an orange band with a car racing design in their Speed Racer design socks.

If you love the idea of shocking people and show off your wacky sense of sock style while safeguarding the planet, check out a Spiffy Socks subscription. The cost is $12.95 with free United States shipping. Trust me, but you will notice the comfortable difference.

By the way, if you want to know what to do with old socks, then read my post on how to repurpose socks. As you might guess, this is what I plan with the rest of uncomfortable socks in my sock drawer now that I found Spiffy Socks. Give them a try and please go through my link.


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