Why Cuban Hot Sauce Has Something Different to Offer

cuban hot sauce from Barbaro Mojo

If you enjoy hot sauce as much as I do for pumping up more flavor while contributing health benefits and speeding up the metabolism to help with weight loss, then you know how different those sauces can be. Those longing for extra freshness along with that nippy edge would love Cuban hot sauce to give food a different sort of spicy kick that is delicious.

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The reason Cuban hot sauce is special is because the recipes start with a mojo, which is popular in Latin food. This type of Spanish influenced sauce such as the ones sent for this review from Barbaro Mojo that all start with a sour orange marinade for the base.

My first such hot sauce I’ve ever tried was from Barbaro Mojo was their Jalabáo. This sauce offers the mildest heat with jalapeño and green peppers, tomatoes, sweet onions, and Cuban spices that round it out beautifully. I sampled this the first time on my scrambled eggs.

El Havanero is the brand’s medium heat sauce that features habanero peppers, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, Cuban spices against that mojo marinade. I tried some of this on my homemade pizza and it was delicious with plenty of heat against tangy refreshing flavor. However, I advise a tall glass of milk to be kept nearby because this is liquid fire in the mouth. Yet, once you sip the milk, you can enjoy how the ingredients in this recipe come together to percolate into something with awesome taste.

I had expected Barbaro Mojo’s Best Day Ever sauce to be the hottest of these three hot sauces. However, I was shocked that despite its powerful mix of habanero and reaper peppers in this sauce, it wasn’t as hot as the El Havanero. This one has a small hole to shake it out unlike the El Havanero with a larger hole that pours out. I really enjoyed this one on another piece of my pizza. In fact, I kept the bottle nearby and continued to sprinkle on more of this delightful sauce.

Hot sauce lovers definitely need to check out Cuban hot sauce because you just may be surprised at all the wild zing in store for your taste buds. My advice is to visit Barbaro Mojo’s website to give these sauces a try. You will be so glad that you did.


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