How to Improve Your Health and Happiness: 4 Natural Ways to Slow Down Aging

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When you’re young, most of us assume that we are invincible and don’t need to fuss over our health until getting older. However, this is a big mistake because what we do now to take care of ourselves does affect us to speed up health conditions later. If we want to stop risking our health to disease while aging more gracefully, then these important tips for how to improve your health that I am about to share can help toward that goal to boost the quality of your life now and into the future.

One of the first ways that we can help ourselves live longer and happier is to stop stressing over things as much as we do. Modern life is no picnic, but it is the time we have been born into. We have pressures from work that often we carry home to disrupt the quality and time we have with our families. As a result, extra tension can happen between the couple as well as family members that might feel neglected and later react in unexpected bad behavior that is more a cry for attention.

Though two incomes are often needed just to support our standard of living, you need to ask yourself what you are really working for if both parents are working? Is it just to buy a bigger brand-new home, more clothes that just jam into your closets, added cars, trips, etc. against the cost of child care, an extra car, eating out, and all those other expenses it takes just to go to work compared to what would be saved staying home? Tally those expenses and the total may shock you at what you may be paying for the privilege compared to what you might save without such a big home, all those work clothes, eating out or buying frozen dinners because you’re too exhausted to think about cooking more nutritious meals. What I am saying is to be honest with yourself about the real reason that you are working full time. This is one view, but how do you feel about it?

Diet is another area that many of us don’t worry about until our doctor or our weight goes up. Yet, look at what else we are doing to our own bodies by often overdoing sugar, fats and excess salt that can cause Type 2 diabetes, cause heart diseases, cellular aging, depression, aging, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems to weight gain and obesity. Eating more balanced, nutrition diet is another of these tips for better health that can help extend your life and appearance.

This is not to say that you need to give up all sweets, but try more moderation. You can cut the portion size down, reduce the number of times a week that you eat a dessert such as pie, cake, ice cream to, perhaps, just the weekend and substituting fruit the rest of the week is something to think about. You also might want to read my earlier post on foods that curb sugar cravings.

Trying to give up our desserts and treats never works as a solution for most people–including yours truly. What happens is that you feel denied and eventually that craving kicks in and sets the stage for binging.

Insufficient sleep is another problem many of us have these days. After all, the day doesn’t seem to have enough hours to devote for relaxation and proper rest. However, it is important to make time for self care if we hope to improve the quality of our lives. Make it a point that you’ll start to unwind at a certain hour for bed by disconnecting from the computer, turning off your phone, etc. For once, put yourself first and make this a priority is how to improve your health.

Showing others more compassion and kindness is sadly often not practiced as much as it should be. What happened to people that caused this hatred and resentment for others come from? Was it always there and just lurking within us or brought out because of a bad economy and used an excuse? Honestly, I can’t understand why people resent others getting a higher wage or health care. How sad it is that we often treat animals better than humans when we could just as easily treat others the way we expect to be treated. Thus, another of these tips for how to improve your health is changing who we are to think outside of ourselves and the fact that we are all connected in one way or another regardless of race, sexual orientation or how wealthy or poor that we are.


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