How to Save on Home Insurance and Benefit the Most

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The cost of practically everything is continuing to rise. Therefore, it only makes sense to examine your expenses more carefully to know where the money is going. For that reason, here is some helpful advice on how to save on home insurance that will enable you to keep more money in your pocket while affording the home protection you need.

Though research takes time, it is a good idea to shop around and compare coverage and cost to find the best deal. A great place to start is online at a site such as an independent insurance marketplace like They work with companies such as Prudential, Nationwide, AIG, Traveler’s, Pacific Life, etc. that underwrite the policies they sell on their website. In fact, you can compare life, home, auto, disability, renters, and other insurance besides finding a wealth of other insurance related information there.

How else that you can save on homeowners insurance is bundling your other insurance with it such as your auto insurance. If you proceed and bundle those two together, it is typical to expect anywhere from five to as high as 23%. However, the average is around 14% to 15% of a discounted price.

Yet, there is still more that you can do to reduce your cost. You may want to think about installing an alarm system or security cameras to your home. In addition, some states will give you a price break on home insurance if you put in an automatic sprinkler system. The catch is that sprinkler system has to be inspected and regularly maintained to take advantage of that discount.

Sometimes, it is easy to sign up for coverage that you really don’t need. Perhaps, you had an art collection with some valuable paintings displayed proudly through your home. However, you began downsizing through the years since moving into a smaller home or apartment that lacks that same wall space. Check your former coverage because you may be over insured and paying more for that same protection. What I am saying is thinking about everything that you are currently insuring in your home at the time you renew. Is the value the same or have you lowered the risk of what those losses could be? This can make a difference on how to save on home insurance.


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