How to Wake Up Earlier Without Making It Such a Hassle

Alarm Clock -How to Wake Up Earlier
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Some of us are not early risers by choice. However, necessity because of our jobs often force us into waking up far earlier than we like. Despite how hard we try, the effort can be difficult as we drag ourselves out of a comfortable bed to prepare for the day. For this reason, I want to share some great tips on how to wake up earlier that has worked for me to make it less of a hassle.

We all know the importance of setting the alarm clock to a specific time that you’ll need to get ready. Yet, we also know how annoying that irritating buzzing can be to grate on our nerves. To gain a few extra minutes, you just may try throwing something at it or reaching over just to stop that sound only to end up drifting back to sleep.

Instead of that tired routine, I have a better solution when setting that alarm. This time set the time more precisely to the minute such as 6:18 A.M. compared to 6:00 A.M. or 6:30 A.M. Granting yourself those few extra minutes of sleep time makes the need to get out of bed much more urgent because that extra time was already incorporated into the equation.

The important thing about setting your alarm clock to the very minute is carefully analyzing how much time it usually takes for all you have to do in the morning. Try a test run for how long you’re usually in the bathroom, eating breakfast, dressing, putting on makeup, etc. When you know that amount of time it usually takes before you’re out of the house, you can predict more accurately an exact time and minutes to set your alarm clock. This may sound silly to bother timing all this out for just a few extra minutes of sleep, but it does help without making the effort of waking up such a hassle as before.

If setting your alarm clock to the hour and exact minute still doesn’t work for you, then try moving the alarm clock further away from your reach. Place it on the other side of your bedroom. The reason is moving it further away will force you up. Otherwise, that annoying noise will keep on rattling your nerves until you stop it.

Something else you need to try are keeping your curtains partially open. This way the sunlight that controls the sleep-regulating hormone of melatonin can find its way into the room. Exposure to light is what helps the body feel more energized to wake.

Consistency with your bedtime routine on the weekends as well as the week days does help set the stage for better adapting for how to wake up earlier.

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