Liquid Heat Hot Sauce From Fuego Box That Can Fire Up Great Taste

Liquid Heat Hot Sauce Fuego Box September 2022

As the days start to become chillier, the more that I turn to liquid heat from hot sauce to send that needed warm surging through my body. Just as important is also what that heat can do at the same time by infusing my food with that extra snappy zing of flavor. Though I can tell you how good adding spicy liquid fire is, the only way that you can fully appreciate what I’m talking about is to experience it personally such as with a Fuego Box hot sauce subscription.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

To give you a better idea of why I am so drawn to liquid heat, then the easiest way is to share what arrived in this latest Fuego Box for September 2022. The flavors in this assortment will take your taste buds on a wild journey of different degrees of heat and spice to compliment the foods you pour them on.

For example, the first is Tiki Torture from Decimation Hot Sauce Company of these three artisan hot sauces. This one is medium sweet heat with this sensational pairing of pineapple, habanero peppers and roasted yellow peppers. This was delicious on my salmon patties, but it also would be wonderful on burgers, chili and chicken.

Next, I sampled Yamato Gold from the Prescribed Burn Sauce Company. This is a greenish sauce with roasted garlic, yellow chilies and orange habaneros that have smoky quality and medium heat to it. If you want to taste something delicious, try some of this hot pepper sauce on your pizza.

Finally this month, there was Cayenne Hot Sauce from Horseshoe Brand Company. This is a perky Louisiana style cayenne pepper sauce with medium heat that is bold and savory. In fact, this one was good on scrambled eggs. However, I think it would be great on practically any dish that you reach for hot sauce.

If you’re curious how liquid heat from Fuego Box hot sauce can elevate food, then I suggest visiting the company’s website and give them a try.


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