Plant Based Laundry Detergent From Truly Free That Cleans Well Without Harming the Planet

Plant Based Laundry Detergent from Truly Free

If you’re trying to do your part through green efforts to protect the deteriorating health of our planet or if you just have sensitive skin or a new baby, then eco-friendly cleaning products are the way to go. When Truly Free reached out about working with them and sampling their plant based laundry detergent, I was also eager to test it out.

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What I find so appealing is that Truly Free products are all nontoxic for laundry, bathroom, kitchen, whole home, and essential oils. This also includes sustainable packaging and refillable jugs and bottles that can keep earth and my family safer from the after effects of harmful chemicals.

You may think all that I am saying sounds good in theory, but what about how well does Truly Clean plant based laundry detergent work after I mixed the packet sent along with some water? In all truth, I thought their liquid laundry wash cleaned just as well as my current liquid detergent. The clothes were bright and just as soft. It also left my clothes with a beautiful sweet scent that comes from essential oils. I would describe it as a fresh with a hint of floral to the blend.

Their laundry wash is advertised to do 50 loads. This plant based detergent is also free of thickeners, dyes, optical brighteners, synthetic fragrances, and other chemicals. You measure out about half the cap for one ounce for a high-efficiency washer. Otherwise, you fill the cap entirely for other washers. Trust me on this, but liquid detergents are cheaper to use compared to the amount I used to spend on powdered detergents. It is easy to estimate, but it would have been nice to have a visible line on the cap to mark the amounts on the cap.

The price to subscribe for a Truly Free subscription for the laundry wash is $15.96 with free shipping, but you can save more. You can take advantage of their free laundry detergent for life deal as long as you continue your subscription for one of three different bundle deals if you please go through my links. (I do appreciate this, readers)!

There is the Starter Bundle with two laundry washes for 50 loads each, jug, and enzyme stain remover (for 50 loads), and the Guide to Detox and Declutter Your Home for $39 + $4.95 shipping.

Next, there is the Essentials Bundle that also has three laundry washes for 50 loads each and refillable wash jug, refillable rinse jug, and the Guide to Detox and Declutter Your Home for $46 + $4.95 shipping that normally would sell for $89.70.

For the best value of all and the most free products, there is a third bundle that is definitely worth exploring. If you chose the Ultimate Bundle for Free Soap for Life at $49 + free shipping, you can save $140.50 over regular prices of the items that include laundry wash (100 loads), oxy boost bleach alternative, reusable dryer sheet angel, enzyme stain remover, laundry machine cleaner, Detox and Declutter Home Guide, refillable jug, and stain stick.

I can’t say that I tried all of Truly Free’s products as of yet, but I was impressed with this plant based laundry detergent and do want to try more. If you want a convenient way to order nontoxic cleaning and laundry products while earning extra free products depending on the amount of your order, then you will love Truly Free’s Free Laundry Detergent for Life program as much as I do. You can also save money on gas when you have to make extra shopping trips just for those cleaning products. Check this company and the value of a subscription for auto-shipments because you’ll be glad that you did.


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  1. Melanie B
    January 18, 2024 / 4:33 pm

    Sounds like a great detergent to use; love that it’s plant-based and eco-friendly!

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