Reserve Your Spot for Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Promotion on Beauty Cooks Kisses Blog!

Holiday Gift Guide
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The holiday season will be upon us before you know it. Those companies seeking opportunities for promotion to showcase their holiday gifts for maximum exposure will be pleased that Beauty Cooks Kisses Blog is once again taking reservations for the upcoming Holiday Gift Guide 2022!

Beauty Cooks Kisses Blog is unique in how a Gift Guide is done. Some other websites may handle this type of promotion differently by displaying a page with lots of tiny photos to their affiliate links. However, Beauty Cooks Kisses is original in how a Gift Guide is presented. Have I piqued your interest yet?

If so, sit back and I will tell you more. What you can expect is a detailed review about your gift along with a photo or photos prior to the launch of the official guide that is later reinforced in the Holiday Gift Guide. This initial review to spread the word about your product is also shared on my social media channels as well.

Once the Holiday Gift Guide page is made live and during the building stage, your gift is featured along with a photo with a link back to the original detailed review and also to your company’s website to buy. This way of introducing your product to readers with an in-depth review magnifies details about your gift followed up in a fresh separate mention in the Holiday Gift Guide.

What I am portraying sounds interesting, does it not? Therefore, you also may be wondering what sorts of gifts would benefit from this type of exposure. All sorts of gifts from home furnishings, furniture, bedding, clothing for women and men, accessories, shoes, jewelry, electronics, food gifts, perfumes, skin care gift sets, appliances, small kitchen appliances, cookware, beauty tools, tools, etc. are welcome. After all, variety is the spice of life.

To get you a better idea of what the Holiday Gift Guide is like, then you may want to check out just a few past examples that I’ve linked for you here of past promotion.

If what I describe sounds exciting and you want to be involved, then don’t delay because spots tend to fill up fast. Instead, reach out to Beauty Cooks Kisses now at for more details about joining this year’s promotional line up. Trust me, but you will be so glad like so many others that you took advantage of this opportunity. In fact, you might later celebrate your good fortune and try my best spice layer cake recipe that is perfect to serve for the holidays.


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