Shutoff Valve for a Handheld Shower Can Save Water

Shutoff Valve for Handheld Shower

Do you have a handheld shower in your bathroom? They are very useful except some have no way to stop the flow of water or at least slow it down to a trickle. Sometimes on showers you have a button or a lever that you can use to slow down the flow of water. Usually you can only slow it to a trickle and this is so you don’t scald yourself when you turn it back on.

My old shower had that feature until the valve broke. In desperation since I was all soaped up, I remember getting a handheld shower nozzle from someone to help me save water and so I put it on quickly and it let me finish my shower. It was a basic shower nozzle without a way to turn it off or on. I had to do that at the valve for the shower itself.

Shutoff Valve for Handheld Shower Inside

The handheld shower I could see would be something to allow you to rinse off easier and quicker and maybe save on water. Nevertheless, pausing the flow of water flow is something you should do to prevent scalding.

For this reason, I looked at the website of Home Depot and Lowes and saw some handheld shower wands had a feature called pause. I had to look at the specs but they showed up. It wasn’t on all shower wands, but just on some. But you can fix this even if you have one without a pause feature.

Shutoff Valve for Handheld Shower Package Kit

Home Depot had one tiny valve but Amazon had one for about half the price. I got mine for around $11, but they go up and down in price. I bought the RES Water Flow Control Valve and it is really easy to install. All you do is a screw onto the end of the shower wand that would be in your hand. You could put it on the shower where the water comes out of the wall but that really wouldn’t do what I wanted to do. So put it on the end of the handle where the hose of the shower wand meets the handle of the shower wand, then it’s in your hand and you can open and close it easily.

RES even included a roll of Teflon tape to wrap around the thread of the shower valve to insure no leaks.

The valve I bought will let you stop the water, slow it down or reduce it to a trickle. I would be careful if you turn the water off while you soap up. In that case, turn the water on and let it flow a bit until the water is the right temperature.

The valve I bought comes in multiple colors. I got chrome but they have brushed nickel, matte black and also golden brass which should match your shower fixtures.

Also, the valve feels heavy since it is brass with a ceramic valve inside. This should last while due to its sturdy construction and they are easy to find online and in stores. But you won’t find it walking into Lowes or Home Depot and I had to get it online.


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