Smartphone Risks to Skin You Take and How to Offset Them

Woman Using Smartphone
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Technology is wonderful for all that it has brought to our personal and professional lives. At the same time, it also has caused new beauty problems for some in the process. Therefore, if you’ve been asking yourself why you suddenly have new skin problems, then let me explain the risks of technology such as your smartphone for beauty and what you might want to do about it.

Most people depend on their smartphones to communicate, but problems can arise scrolling through messages constantly that can create new facial lines. For instance, you may not notice it but if you see a mountain of messages or emails that annoy you, you may furrow your brows. This can encourage the formation of wrinkles if done enough times.

Furthermore, you also could be squinting if viewing messages in insufficient light. You may believe that you don’t do such things, but think how many times you had that phone next to your bed and you never bothered to even reach for your glasses or turn on another light to only make those habits worse? When you start making a routine out of using your smartphone in this way, then wrinkles develop because of how those eye muscles are being abused.

Though as disheartening as that may be, there is something that you can do. Make sure that your smartphone is a model that has an excellent ambient light sensor. This is important to best lower the risks of its technology for beauty. Another suggestion while using your smartphone is to never neglect wearing an eye cream with retinol that can protect against free radicals and repair the skin.

Something else that you need to examine is how you hold your smartphone. If you’re constantly lowering your head while looking down at the screen, you are also putting your beauty at risk from what you are doing to your neck. In this position, the skin is being stretched horizontally in the neck that can lead to earlier sagging despite your years. This is why you may have been accumulating that circular pattern of lines developing like rings around a tree as it ages.

Besides helping us age a bit faster, a smartphone can also explain acne in some cases. The reason for this can often be explained by all the bacteria that you’re introducing from constantly touching the screen and holding it to your face. In fact, such screens have a tendency to act like a magnet since they have a bit of oil in their composition.

To prevent this smartphone “screen” type of acne, try just exchanging that method and use the speaker function instead as a better alternative to safeguard your skin. You could also try using your headphones. Make it a point to deep clean your phone daily if possible to avoid skin contamination in the first place.

In the meantime to clear up this acne, you have several different options through ingredients such as salicylic acid, sulfur and tea tree oil. You also might find it beneficial to read my earlier posts on natural cures for acne, acne home remedies and a wonderful diy acne mask that I used to use when my skin was under attack.

Smartphones are a big part of our lives in the world we live in today, but they also are not perfect with the risks they pose to our skin. Hopefully this information presented here will help you offset those potential problems to keep your beauty intact.


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