Buying a Recliner Chair Was Harder Than I Thought

Recently a family member got injured and needed a comfortable place to sit. I was looking at a standing recliner and was amazed to find the supply in local stores to be very slim. Thus, I opted for buying a regular recliner chair and found they either were scarce or had long lead times.

Because of the injury, I needed something stable. I didn’t want a rocker or something that would move. But I found one I wanted and ordered to find the lead time went from weeks to several months and then it slid back down again. It was really frustrating thinking when I would ever see this chair. And we have loads of big stores here. La-Z-Boy had a really nice one, but they wanted six to eight months to deliver it.

I couldn’t wait that long. As a result, I ordered one with a shorter lead time and then scrambled for anything that would tide me by for the immediate time. While I waited for the real recliner that was bigger, I found a cheaper one on Home Depot’s website. It even offered free shipping for buying this recliner chair. When I ordered it, they said it would be here the next Monday and left it at that.

The chair I ordered was the Lacoo Black Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather for Living Room, Home Theater Seating. I thought all right I am done and all I needed to do now was to wait for the other recliner in about six weeks. This one was so inexpensive I could put it into another room later.

But then my order was cancelled by Home Depot for some unknown reason. I didn’t even realize it. I had loads of other things going on at the same time with an injured family member. They even kept the gift cards I used and didn’t refund those. For that I had to call not one time, but several times. I got promised that all would be fixed and it wasn’t. I had to resort to sending them messages through Twitter for the gift card to be reissued. Finally, after many days it was. It was a total pain. Nevertheless, Home Depot did fix it and I got the chair finally.

The Lacoo chair is really nice. It’s smaller than some of these huge recliners, but it works well. And most other recliners you have to assemble these days. That part isn’t as hard as I thought. All I did was to screw on the small legs and attach the back. The back has these metal brackets attached and you slide the back onto these metal bars coming out from the base. That was the simplest part actually.

Overall, my family member is happy with the chair. I wonder what is going on with furniture today. Some of the companies I contacted produce in the United States but everyone is back ordered! I hope things clear up soon.

Hey, I really need more furniture! If your company has furniture and would like a free review, please feel free to reach out.


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