Gut Health and Simple Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Good Gut Bacteria

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Most people don’t think about their gut health until a problem occurs like a stomachache, constipation or diarrhea. However, the gut is so important because it is the largest endocrine organ in the body and the main hub for receiving and processing nutrients. When it is out of whack, it disrupts the immune system and invites health problems from infection to risking diabetes and colon cancer to name a few. This is why you want to do everything in your power to keep it running smoothly and preserve good gut bacteria. Otherwise, you can also gain weight more easily. Nonetheless, you may have some daily habits that could be destroying that good gut bacteria that should be avoided.

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To begin with, you may not be drinking enough water to keep the environment of the gut in the best condition to maintain its health. Aim for six to eight glasses of water a day. Instead, you may be overdoing the coffee, tea or soda. Some doctors claim that those other beverages count toward that daily water requirement while others, including my physician feel differently.

The problem with drinking too much coffee, tea or soda is that you will urinate more and steal that water from your system. The best way to be certain that you’re getting enough water is checking the color of your urine. If it is colorless or a light yellow then you are fine and have enough water.

Another of these simple mistakes that could be destroying your gut bacteria is physical inactivity. Studies have shown that exercise is what enables those colonies of helpful microbial bacteria to thrive and grow their numbers. It is that movement that causes the food in your intestines to finally move out instead of turning into trapped bad gut bacteria.

Wrong diet choices such as eating too much processed foods can also work against us for destroying good gut bacteria, especially if done on a daily basis. Our bodies weren’t made to handle an overload of chemicals, hormones, unhealthy saturated fats, excess salt, sugars, and additives to keep the gut operating as it should. Trusting more organic meats, vegetables and fruits and unsaturated fat is a better idea.

Speaking of unnecessary and disgusting extras, you also may be eating some animals bad gut bacteria from the meats you buy in the supermarket since feces, heads and intestines of other slaughtered poultry, dead chicks, feathers, blood, bone to fat from dead cattle is typically incorporated into the feed of our poultry and beef that big farm operations ship to the stores. If you don’t believe me, then read this article in Eat This, Not That and you’ll never think of meat in the same way. This is a promise!

After reading that piece, you too will understand my loathing of supermarket meat and poultry these days and only trust organic meats from Butcher Box. I may be a #ButcherBoxPartner, but I want to eat healthy meat and not feces infiltrated meats or I’ll go meatless. Now is a great time because first time subscribers can get a free organic turkey, so check it out while those birds are still available. And please, go through my link to buy.

Something else that you should think about is the amount of fiber that you normally eat every day. If you want the gut functioning as it should to help with digestion and keep the blood glucose levels stable, then start adding more foods high in fiber such as beans, legumes and grains. You can also benefit from a fiber drink such as Metamucil to help on that front.

Our busy lifestyles often have many eating rushing to finish meals just to get back to work or to make time for other things that need their attention. When you just gobble down your food, you are only hurting yourself. After all, the gut needs about 20 minutes or so to feel fully satisfied for better digestion. Otherwise, you won’t feel completely full and just continue eating more when you really already had enough.

Finally, how you deal with daily stress is another of these simple mistakes that could be ruining your good gut bacteria and gut health. The more days that you can’t resolve what is worrying you, the more harm that you are doing to the gut and your immune system to risk disease.


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