How to Empower Yourself Instead of Being a Doormat

Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Nataliya Vaitkevich

No one likes to admit that others may perceive them as a doormat. But, sometimes people are blind as to how their kindness may be abused by others. Instead, you may invent excuses for that behavior such as always being the one to drive the kids to their school activities, lending money that never gets repaid too always being the one stuck cooking for big family holiday dinners. Then one day you get fed up and that built up resentment surfaces allowing you to finally see the toll that behavior took on your self-respect. Thus, here is how to empower yourself instead of being a doormat for the future.

Doing considerate tasks for others as well or being generous or showing hospitality is not bad to do. Quite the contrary, they are essential to boost self-esteem and happiness in how you connect to others. However, there needs to be a balance of that giving of yourself to receiving. Otherwise, this destructive cycle of remains causing you to be a human doormat will continue.

To start helping yourself, you need a different mindset in how you think of yourself to gain back lost self-respect. Rather than constantly doing another’s bidding, it is all right to learn how to say no at times. After all, you have needs as well that deserve the same consideration. Showing that you have a backbone by being assertive instead of fearful will enable that person to gain new respect for you standing up for yourself instead of being a doormat.

Perhaps, the person that is taking advantage of you doesn’t intentionally realize what their actions are doing to you. Therefore, you could ask that person to have more regard for your feelings and stop taking you for granted. Opening up to that person just might be enough to rectify the situation for how to empower yourself.

It is important to remember that actions speak louder than words. To empower yourself is keeping that thought prominently in your mind when you feel uncertain that you can fix your situation is how. You won’t know if your words are taken seriously until judging the later behavior of that person or people treating you as a doormat.

Each of us has a lot of hidden talents and potential that can also help to change how you view yourself. Spending time with others that share the same interests can have a positive effect on your life to help change how you see yourself. Excitement builds in the exchange, energizing the spirit to build back that depleted sense of self-worth in the process.

Feeling like a doormat is something that no one deserves. Hopefully, this post will make a difference to strengthen your reserve and self-respect to set you on a better path. You also may find it helpful to read my earlier post on how to use negative comments for your benefit.


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