How to Pick Perfume That Is Perfect for You

Perfumes for How to Pick Right Perfumes
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Perfume is something that I don’t feel complete unless having some on. To me, it is just a part of dressing like a beautiful piece of jewelry that I accessorize my outfit with. Perhaps, you also feel strongly about the importance that the right scent makes to boost your mood and confidence. Over the years, I have gained a few tricks on how to pick perfume that is perfect for you that can lead to more satisfaction.

The best way to start is by examining the varieties of perfume that you normally wear. Do you gravitate toward smells that are reminiscent of walking through a flower garden with floral choices? On the other hand, you may favor fresh smells with citrus or fruity notes. Perhaps, you love the more exotic and sensual spicy scents or the rich warmth and elegance of woody fragrances. Then again, you may appreciate conjuring up thoughts of sweet and delicious foods such as with gourmand scents.

After you determine your favorite perfume from among the bottles that you own or plan to buy, then it is time to test the notes that appeal to you the most. What you can do is to make a list of the dominant notes that you can pick out. Now try to narrow those choices down by rating how you feel about each of the notes that you recognize. For instance, if you detect notes such as ylang ylang, jasmine or maybe lily of the valley that you adore, you probably would be the happiest with white floral perfumes. The purpose is finding notes that please you the most and sorting through to determine the ones that are mediocre as well as unpleasant to your sense of smell.

You also need to take into consideration how the fragrance reacts to your body chemistry for how to pick out the right perfume. After all, skin moisture can cause the same scent to smell different from one season to the next due to the temperature. This is why that a favorite perfume that you wear so much during the winter often is too strong to wear in the summer due to that extra moisture from perspiration.

Perfume manufacturers don’t have to disclose their fragrance formulations by law being classified as trade secrets. However, there is a bounty of synthetic chemicals that may pose possible health risks, especially to more sensitive individuals. Therefore, a safer option for how to find the right perfume is searching for a natural or a clean fragrance without potentially harmful ingredients.

These are few pointers of perfume buying that may help you make better choices in the future.


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