Why the Fuego Box Has Advantages for Food and Health

Fuego Box October 2022

Hot sauce is a staple in my kitchen just as much as spices are for cooking. Thanks to the Fuego Box hot sauce subscription, it is the most convenient and delicious way to get my capsaicin fix from hot peppers. I add these special crafted sauces to recipes, pouring over food to helping strengthen my immune system while also speeding up the body’s metabolism to help burn more calories.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

For those that are under the impression that hot sauce offers nothing but heat, I disagree from what I experienced through the Fuego Box. There is so much more in how recipes differ with different vegetables, fruits, variety of peppers, spices, and herbs to cooking techniques that give each something remarkable to offer the taste buds. For example, here is what my new October 2022 box contained.

The first in this month’s trio is from the Hot Graham Sauce Co. with their Toccata Hot Sauce. It is a medium heat that features the Carolina Reaper pepper along with red bell peppers with sun-dried tomatoes, parsley, vermouth, spices, etc. that has a snappy bite while still savoring the tasty blend of this recipe. I loved it on my scrambled eggs and will be trying it on my pizza next.

The second one I sampled was from Freaky Ferments with their Ginger Cayenne Hot Sauce. This one is a mild heat that has a fresh, zesty vibe from ginger and lemon to its onion and peppers that is perfect for incorporating into salads, marinades, poultry or seafood such as a salmon patty, which I thought was delicious.

Finally, there was Tuscan Style Hot Sauce from Taylor’s Ultimate. This was the first time that I ever tasted a hot sauce with anchovies in the ingredient base. It also has habanero peppers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, mustard, molasses, and spices, geared around Southern cooking that was bold with a stronger medium to high heat that lent a nice kick to accent food. This was good on pizza, eggs, chicken to firing up soups.

The price for the monthly hot sauce subscription with three hot unique hot sauces is $29.95 with free USA shipping. You also get a card with information on the assortment and ways to best enjoy.

If the Fuego Box subscription appeals to you as well, then I suggest visiting the company’s website and order.


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