Apple Juice Health Benefits and How to Increase Them

apple juice
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Every morning we start our day with some juice for breakfast. Apple juice is one of the most popular choices in our house for health benefits and delicious taste. The reason it is so good for you is due to its phytonutrients, namely its polyphenols that have tremendous antioxidant powers to prevent cellular damage from free radicals for keeping skin youthful and protect against a variety of health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, inflammation to lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, I never tried a sparkling variety until being sent Martinelli’s Gold Metal Sparkling Blush that is 100% pure apple juice along with cherry concentrate.

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What makes Martinelli’s Gold Metal Sparkling Blush stand out is that they use flash pasteurization unlike most companies manufacturing bottled apple juices as well as locally grown apples. This is important because this process preserves more of the vitamin content such as its vitamin C that is usually lost during typical processing and juicing of apple juice.

Something else that can be worrisome about apple juice is the level of pesticides found in many brands. This is especially troublesome when companies use apples grown out of the country instead of domestically grown. In particular, these juices can contain lead and arsenic, which can particularly pose a risk to pregnant women and children for proper development and brain function. This has the biggest impact for those that drink a lot of juices or rice. On the other hand, Martinelli’s apple juice is tested annually by independent labs and has shown no detectable amount of lead or arsenic.

In regard to fresh apples, I usually wash them with some dish detergent and a tablespoon of vinegar before doing a second soaking with a teaspoon of baking soda to the water (two cups). According to Harvard University, the baking soda water kills bacteria and helps remove some of those remaining pesticides. Usually, I keep them in this baking soda soak for about 15 minutes or longer before doing a final rinse.

Although you get additional fiber from eating the apple as a fruit over the juice, I still feel that drinking apple juice such as Martinelli’s is the next best thing since it contains no concentrates, preservatives, sweeteners or additives of any kind.

With the holidays coming up, you’ll probably be serving guests alcohol such as wine during those celebrations. For those nondrinkers, I do suggest trying the Martinelli’s Gold Medal Sparkling Blush apple juice new blend that has that bubbly effect without alcohol that may go to some people’s heads for more health benefits.


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