Best Home Fragrance Floral Street Vanilla Bloom Candle and Diffuser

home fragrance floral street candle
Photo Courtesy of Floral Street

Nothing can make a home more inviting than filling it with a welcoming scent to usher in some holiday cheer as your guests arrive. One easy way to set the best festive mood is using scented candles and/or a diffuser to disperse just the perfect amounts of the right scent such as what Floral Street’s Vanilla Bloom scented candle and a matching diffuser provided for this review. These home fragrance products are simply the best and I’m going to tell you why.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

What I really love about Floral Street fragrance products is that they not only have the most incredible beautiful scents, but this company goes the extra mile to make them healthy to breathe in by using only sustainable sourced natural ingredients. Their candles, like their natural fragrances, are all vegan, alcohol-free and completely biodegradable.

The reason vegan candles are your safer bets when buying candles than ones with paraffin or other materials is that they can burn without subjecting your lungs to the risk of toluene that hits the air when paraffin candles burn for a longer time than normal, especially without proper ventilation. This is very important to think about when your family and friends may begin smoking and that smoke mingles with those paraffin candles while confined indoors. This is why my favorite vegan candle pick is from Floral Street.

As to the fragrance of Vanilla Bloom, it is an excellent pick for creating a happy and cheerful atmosphere. With its mix of plum, musks, cashmere woods, amber along with a sweetly intoxicating deeper note of Spanish ciste, and vanilla, this is a different twist on a vanilla scent with a cozy warmth with sophistication in its fruits, floral and wood notes.

home fragrance floral street diffuser
Photo Courtesy of Floral Street

The Vanilla Bloom diffuser is both decorative with its simple yellow design, but comes with five scented reeds. Though you can use two or three of these scent sticks at a time, I stuck in all five because this vanilla bloom fragrance is just captivating that I wanted more of it around. You do need to place this diffuser in a safe level spot under a mat or doily in case the oil leaks.

Take it from me, if you want to bring in that holiday cheer, these are the best home fragrance products with this Vanilla Bloom candle ($46) and the diffuser ($46) from Floral Street and just what you need. They also make great gifts when making out you holiday gift list. Visit the company’s website and check these out!


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