Holiday Perfume Gift Set From Floral Street You Need Now: Wonderland Peony Limited Edition Gift Set

Holiday Perfume Gift Set
Photo Courtesy of Floral Street

For those fragrance lovers or if you’re just shopping for a holiday perfume gift set with healthier ingredients, then Floral Street has the most amazing possibilities. One such choice has to be their sustainable Wonderland Peony Limited Edition Gift Set, which is something to behold in how it captivates.

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This vegan perfume is a lively fruity floral scent that is quite unique in the notes used that lend a gourmand candy sweetness to the floral with peonies and violets before cedarwood and vetiver in the base emerge for a seductive finish to this clean inspired fragrance.

Wonderland Peony has a certain fun, bubbly sort of youthful energy that kicks in from the beginning from its juicy mix of black currants, pink berries, fruity guava, lemon, and a daring measure of pink pepper that give it a spunky attitude. It is a bit bold and yet confident in those opening slightly brisk notes that you can’t help but take notice.

As this perfume warms in the heart, the floral notes of peony and violet are what tampers down that tartness exceptionally well to beautifully sweeten this fragrance. However, the fruity-floral aspect of this natural perfume evolves once again as vanilla bean and pink candy floss that conjures up thoughts of delicious cotton candy surfaces, providing that gourmand sweetness. This blend with its juicy fruity-floral sweetness and luscious notes of cotton candy and vanilla add an inviting playfulness to this romantic fragrance before it finally dries down in the base with cedar and vetiver, which make you want to wrap yourself in its cuddly seductive warmth.

This holiday perfume gift set contains a 1.7 oz. perfume and a 0.34 oz. perfume, which is so convenient to carry with you for touch ups in your handbag. Here’s the best part that I am so happy to share with you. This limited edition Floral Street Wonderland Peony set usually retails for $116, but is specially priced right now at just $89! The normal Floral Street 1.7 oz. perfume sells for $84 so you are really getting a deal with a scent that is lovely while also not putting your health at risk due to chemicals that other regular perfumes may be formulated with and allowed to keep secret by law to safeguard their formulas.

If I were you and searching for a sensational holiday perfume gift set, then check out the company’s website for the Wonderland Peony Limited Edition gift while it is still available. You’ll love it. I promise!


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