Hot Pepper Sauce That Can Turn Up Flavor–Fuego Box November 2022

Hot pepper sauce from Fuego Box is something that I use a lot of in my cooking and spiking up extra flavor in food. The only way that my taste buds don’t get bored is through treating them to a variety of unique flavors that only a Fuego Box hot sauce subscription can bring to my table. If you’re curious what hot sauce heat was included for November 2022, then here is what I found in this hot pepper sauce box.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The hot sauce that I tasted first was from Butterfly Bakery of Vermont. What is special about it is that it is a fermented jalapeno hot sauce with medium heat. This is not a sweetened type with dessert spices like a few I tried from them before. On the contrary, it is a delicious blend with cucumber, dill and garlic that I enjoyed on a hot dog. In fact, this would be good on a sandwich, burgers, rice or giving potato salad a boost.

From Hell’s Kitchen was a golden-orange blend called Habanero Mango Salvation. This brings really intense hot sauce heat from orange habanero, mango, garlic, carrots, and honey. This was very good on my pizza, but would be quite a multipurpose sauce for foods like chicken, eggs, rice, fish to seafood.

Finally for this month, there was Aleppo Organic Hot Sauce from Clif Family. This hot pepper sauce is another versatile one with a medium heat that has a bit of fruity brightness that was just right on my scrambled eggs. Next time, I am going to add some of this to my chili.

November 2022 was a tasty month from Fuego Box for remarkable new takes on hot sauce. If you never tried this hot sauce box, then why not give them a try for yourself or someone on your holiday gift list this season?

Something else that I urge you to try if you love hot peppers is my refrigerated hot pepper pickles recipe. It is wonderful to keep stored in your refrigerator for adding to sandwiches or on the side with serving poultry, meats or just when cooking.

The price for the monthly hot sauce subscription from Fuego Box with three hot unique hot sauces is $29.95 with free USA shipping. You also get a card with information on the trio and ways to best enjoy them. Check the company’s website out.


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