How to Find Your Purpose in Life When You Feel Lost With a Vision Board

How to Find Your Purpose in Life Dream
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Though you can have the best intentions and plans for your future, life can often throw us unexpected twists and turns. In the process, we can lose our path and find ourselves floundering like a fish out of water trying to get back where we belong. Instead of surrendering to defeat, here is how to find your purpose in life again and gain that sense of direction that you temporarily lost.

The best way to begin is by taking a break for a little “me” time. Sometimes, we are so stressed and tired from what is necessary to do for our jobs, family and friends that we neglect what matters to us by putting those others first. Giving yourself permission to think about your own needs and desires and what you want a few minutes a day can help clear confusion to steer you in the right direction.

Relaxing without distractions can help as well to set the stage for how to find your purpose in life. The reason this is important is because it gives you a chance to daydream. If you can’t find that essential clarity, then try creating a vision board that can help you focus.

A vision board involves clipping photos or pictures from a magazine of all the things that would bring joy to your life. Maybe it would be a new home, a car, furniture, fashion, love, etc. that you could see yourself in that you would be pinning to the board. This is an exercise just to allow your emotions freedom to consider other options without thinking about your choices.

After you have filled your vision board with images in a location such as in your home office above your computer, then it is time to better examine what you see among those choices. Look at each picture carefully before weeding out the images that aren’t as important to you when staring at them longer. You don’t want to pollute your board with tons of images, but several that are the most important to you. The aim is not that you are not wishing for these things, but channeling your thoughts with purpose into what you have to do to achieve them for goal setting.

Perhaps, you’re confused at how the images you selected don’t seem to belong together as you hoped they would. Yet, this could your own inner voice trying to tell you how confused you are about what you need or to do next. It is always a possibility that those images that are opposite of what you believed you wanted are pulling you in two different directions that you were not aware of before. Occasionally, it is good to trust your intuition.

Next, you need to move those several photos around the board in their order of importance. Don’t think as you do it, but just start pinning. Before you realize it, you will be staring at a story of what you really want and hope for the future. If you run into roadblocks from those images that are challenging you, then you’ll discover whatever choice you make will change the board to create a new story for yourself.


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