How to Increase Nutrition With Protein Pasta From Veggiecraft Farms

protein pasta from Veggiecraft Farms
Photo Courtesy of Veggiecraft Farms

Cooking with pasta has so many possibilities with all the delicious ways to enjoy it. Though I made spinach infused pasta once from scratch, I had never tried ready-made brands until now. I was sent three different varieties of protein pasta from Veggiecraft Farms for this review that I want to share my thoughts about with you.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

zucchini protein pasta
Photo Courtesy of Veggiecraft Farms

I received a box of their Cauliflower Penne, Zucchini Penne and Sweet Potato Penne pasta that have just three ingredients with the same base of lentils and pea along with their respective vegetable that supply 23 grams of protein along with six grams of fiber. You might want to compare that count to traditional white noodles that possess about eight grams of protein per cup and about two and half grams of fiber. On the other hand, whole-wheat pasta may have about six grams of fiber and yet slightly less protein than the white pasta with about seven and half grams.

What I did notice is that Veggiecraft Farms penne did have a distinct grainier texture than your normal white pasta. I did detect that this product does break up more than traditional white pasta when mixing the sauce through it.

sweet potato protein pasta
Photo Courtesy of Veggiecraft Farms

They also contributed an unusual twist to your recipe that I never expected. In fact, you could make the same recipe but will hardly recognize the new flavor. Therefore, if you’re trying to reinvent the same old dishes, this pasta gives you an opportunity to experiment while maximizing your nutritional value.

Veggiecraft Farms penne comes from Italy and is gluten-free, non GMO and all vegan. An eight-ounce box retails for $4.49 and up depending on where you shop.

If you love pasta and are hoping to amplify nutritional benefits, then check out Veggiecraft Farms website to learn more or place to buy.


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