Managing Holiday Stress and How to Better Cope

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The holidays are meant to be full of cheer with family gatherings, gift giving, parties, and reasons to indulge in more food and drink than we should. However, the holidays can also put a lot of extra pressure on us trying to juggle too many things at once in our attempts to get ready for those celebrations starting Thanksgiving until after New Year’s day. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with holiday stress, here is some useful advice for better managing it and getting the most joy.

Now is the time all the holiday bargains and deals are appearing for gift buying. Rather than rushing to buy, it is better to think carefully on how much you are going to spend first without causing yourself financial pain. Maxing out that plastic credit card because you want to feel generous or loved will only compound stress after the holidays when all the bills arrive and you don’t have the money for them. Gifts are wonderful, but if money is tight then consider smaller gifts or eliminate exchanging gifts to just buying for young children.

Another good idea is devising a plan of all that you need to do for that holiday such as what to put on the menu if the celebration will be at your home or at the home of another relative or friend. If the celebration will be at another’s relative’s home, then be kind and offer what dish or dishes that you should prepare so not to overburden the host or hostess. Be sure to coordinate so you know if you bring the salad and a dessert or breads and a casserole, etc.

Something else that is often forgotten is the need to pace yourself when getting the house ready for the holidays. Though you want everything to be perfect and spotless, especially if you are having out-of-town guests that will be staying with you, you can’t do all those needed tasks in one day.

Speaking of overextending yourself, it helps to keep track of what else that you have to do from sending the holiday cards, responding to the invitations of family and friends, baking to church activities for better managing holiday stress.

Holiday music always seems to do the trick to brighten spirits along with the smells of the season such as pine or cinnamon and citrus. In fact, try my diy air freshener recipe that is easy to prepare and so welcoming for your guests.

Gatherings with our entire extended family can sometimes grate on your nerves. After all, each of us have different personalities and beliefs that often can conflict with ours. When the mood becomes tense, then switch the subject or excuse yourself to get another cup of coffee, pie, or talk to someone else there, etc. Sometimes, arguing with a stubborn, strong-willed person is useless and will only raise your blood pressure so why bother? Of course, you always have option to see that difficult person less.

The holidays are special times of the year, but they also invite stress. For this reason, it is to your benefit to practice some self-care by managing that holiday stress to really appreciate the warmth and true meaning of those occasions.


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